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The hardest position to transition to the NFL?


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Articles such as the one above, written last Spring, suggest that quarterback and receiver are the toughest positions to transition to the NFL.


So after careful review of the past two drafts, here's some data to challenge that assertion:


In the past two years, three rookie QB's have led their teams to the playoffs. Those rookies, as of right now, have combined for a 4-2 playoff record, with all 4 wins coming on the road. Two of the three rookie QB's have led their teams to the AFC championship in that first season. (And let's not forget that Ben Roethlisberger led his Steelers to a 15-1 record as a rookie only a few years back, and won the Super Bowl in his sophomore season.)


Now, take a look at this list of receivers drafted in 2008 and 2009, and consider what types of success they have had as rookies and sophomores.




DeSean Jackson

Eddie Royal

Jordy Nelson

Mario Manningham

Donnie Avery

Early Doucet

Earl Bennett

Harry Douglas

Andre Caldwell

Josh Morgan


(we took Marcus Smith and Justin Harper late)




Percy Harvin

Michael Crabtree

Jeremy Maclin

Hakeem Nicks

Kenny Britt

Mike Wallace

Louis Murphy

Austin Collie

Pierre Garcon

Mario Massaquoui

Johnny Knox

Julian Edelman


(we selected no receivers, and one TE who we cut preseason)

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Percy Harvin 1st #22

Michael Crabtree 1st #10

Jeremy Maclin 1st #19

Hakeem Nicks 1st #29

Kenny Britt 1st #30

Mike Wallace 3rd #84

Louis Murphy 4th #124

Austin Collie 4th #127

Pierre Garcon 2008 draft 6th #205

Mario Massaquoui 2nd #50

Johnny Knox 5th #140

Julian Edelman 7th #232


These were WR's I was looking at too.

Robiskie, Brian 2nd #36

Tate, Brandon 3rd #83

Iglesias, Juaquin 3rd #99

Barden, Ramses 3rd #85

Turner, Patrick 3rd #87


5th #137 Baltimore Ravens Jason Phillips Inside linebacker TCU

He is on the team. I don't know if he has any promiss.


5th #149 Baltimore Ravens Davon Drew Tight end East Carolina

Cut during camp and brought back.


6th #185 Baltimore Ravens Cedric Peerman Running back Virginia

Not on roster.


So we could not grab Knox at 140 instead of Phillips. At least Knox can contribute.

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