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Happy Opening Day!


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How about Buc challenging the Pierce out at the plate. It was dumb to go for home but he actually faked out the catcher. Should have been out by a mile.

Nice to have replay because Pierce was clearly safe.

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Spen - back down to 81-81. Crap.


I usually hate when our homer announcing crew, especially post-game, says things like, "Man, just one of those days when the Jays couldn't be stopped..."


Today I'll say was an exception and I kind of agree. The Jays were good, for sure, BUT man oh man did it feel like they were finding every hole with their hits. The Batista single in the 4th over the head of Schoop who was playing in? That would have hit him in the chest if he wasn't playing in. The single THROUGH the shift? When do you see that happen?


Not sure what was up with Bud, but I don't know if I've ever seen as many opposite field "dink doubles" against one pitcher in a long time. I feel like the Jays knew what was coming - not in a cheating way, but in a "we're way too predictable way"


Oh well... on to another day. Maybe Ubaldo will find it tomorrow.

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