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pledgemaster.gifI thought my anxiety was gone...but it's not...:)


As it stands, nobody will run on the Ravens....just plain stupid...futile.

No...no.....they'll just throw all day at their corners!



It's obvious.

It will take an opposing OC all of 5 seconds to make this gameplan.


cs_287.jpg"Let's see here...Ngata, Gregg, Mt Cody, Ray Lewis, Johnson....no...no...not that way...OH!..."


We've been talking about this all off season because a serious weakness has not been addressed.


The 2010 roster is almost set as far as who the Ravens have assembled for camp.

So Ozzie add's an ageing vet...the guy isn't playing elsewhere because he's not starting material.


I don't see a solid corner who can help Foxworth. Foxworth played better as the year progressed. I don't think the team can count on Webb...he's the reason the coverage got better. He probably won't be able to return to his 2009 form until 2011....but he could be an upgrade over whoever is in his place when he returns around mid season.

Ed Reed can't cover the whole field but he will shut down some of it and get his INT's.



But that's 2 guys...you need 3-4. Definately 3 if you want to go somewhere.


The only counter the Ravens have is to rush 4 and drop everybody else back.

They have to hope Suggs returns 110% motivated and hungry. That Kindle will provide instant QB pressure. That the guys who are healthy and can play CB, play like they never have before...meaning way better!

They have to thank God that there are not as many Elite QB's to face like last year.


And finally...that this loaded offense puts up tons of points because the D will get burned by the better passing attacks.


Do you think that will be enough to get the Ravens deep into the playoffs? Where they will definately meet and greet some Elite QB's and WR's?


Believe me...I love this 2010 roster. It's loaded...but Achilles had his heel and the secondary is the Ravens.

We'll have our share of nail biters this year.


"Don't worry max...we got the teams back."


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I dont think it'll be that easy for the opposing OC's..We will have a second to none, front 7, and the best safety in the league. That front 7 gets pressure on the QB, You and I could play corner and make the pro-bowl. Last year we got zero pressure on the QB's we faced and they ate us up at CB and they also made Ed Reed look mediocre, at times.


What I want to see is, when we blitz, make some sort of contact with the QB, too many times last year we'd blitz and it would resemble an electric football game, just one big pile in the middle with the QB back there just picking and choosing what open reciever to hit.


You know as well as I know that there is a method to Oz's madness, rotating Cody and Buddy Lee will be a good thing, always a fresh set of legs in there.



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You know, asking Clayton to play corner may not be a bad idea. Belichek made it work with Troy Brown, and Clayton does have the cutting ability and speed to play the position. I am aware the post was intended to be more sarcastic than anything....but really there is something worth exploring there. Clayton may make a very good corner in nickel and dime situations.


I really have to agree with Crav on his statements about the pass rush. Don't we get Washington back too??? Washington was playing very well for us before he went down. Washington and Fox should look alot better with an improved pass rush. We can't keep leavin these corners on an island for 4-5+ seconds. That's just too long for NFL caliber players, they get open on anyone except Revis....that guy is just ridiculous.

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My "Big Picture/Purple Koolaid outlook on this is....

1. Corner is the only team weakness on a loaded 2010 Ravens team. They made the playoffs with the same CB's and a weak pass rush. It's a stronger pass rushing unit (on paper) for this season.

2. Last year, Joe Flacco had only 1 WR and a RB who caught everything. Now he has a bevy of weapons to throw too..,..besides more points, that should mean moving the chains and increased time of possesion. Less time for the D to be on the field.


The downside: I don't think the Ravens can win a Super Bowl with these corners.

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Max, you have to take into account that the pass rush will be improved with Kindle and Redding in the mix and Kruger entering his second year.



Yea...and that looks good on paper...and 'on paper' could make a big difference...but we won't know until week 1 will we?


Something tells me Kindel will contribute right away. That same voice says Suggs will have a Pro Bowl season so a lot of QB's will be on their ass and that is all good for the secondary.



Now...Food for Thought..."If"...they can get Cody in solid condition and game shape (where he can take on and occupy 2 interior linemen)......he and Ngata could do stunts and slants in the middle to free up Ngata and collapse the middle. Push the pocket. Nobody can handle Ngata 1 on 1. Cody can make that happen but he's a year or 2 away from being like a Sam Adams...but the potential is there.


A great pass rush can happen but there are 2 rookies to bring along and develop for that to happen. So the question is...How soon?

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Having Cody and Gregg able to basically trade off playing only 3 downs will be amazing for the stamina of both. The only knock on Cody was his fatigue factor, which now basically doesn't matter. Our rush Defense will be 1st in the NFL this year, and our pass defense will be shaky while Webb and Washington are out, but will return to being above average in the final 8 weeks and when we make our Super Bowl run. I'm not worried.

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