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Elam to have MRI


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Like I said, Kendrick is better than Elam. To start, he has more experience and snaps than

any Raven defender except Suggs and only by 600 snaps. Kendrick has been playing

several years. Don't forget, Brady's QB rating vs Elam was around 113 in NE.



Lewis has a knack for finding the football. He has nine interceptions and five forced fumbles during his career, which are more forced turnovers than anyone else in Baltimore’s secondary. He also has two defensive touchdowns off those turnovers. The Ravens have sought a playmaker in the defensive backfield since the departure of future Hall of Famer Ed Reed two years ago, and Lewis has the potential to be a ball hawk on the back end.






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I thought Hill already had one of the positions locked up and Kendrick

was fighting Elam for the second position. Will Hill is better than Elam.

They're both better than Elam.

I think the team likes Hill more at SS, which is why they signed Kendrick, who is a natural FS. Sure, if Kendrick did terrible and Elam had performed, I'm sure Hill would be shifted back to FS. But the plan is Kendrick at FS and Hill at SS.

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Shit...injuries in the secondary...he's done for the year.




Lewis already looks at home in the Ravens secondary, calling out coverage and directing teammates into the right position.

“He’s just very definitive,” said defensive coordinator Dean Pees of Lewis. “He’s not wishy-washy. Boom, I make the call, we play it, I like that. That’s what you want back there. You want guys to make decisions, make the call, get everybody lined up, and let’s go. When there’s indecisiveness, especially if you see guys looking around for a call or something like that, that’s not good on defense. So, I really like the way he’s playing right now.”

The Ravens opened last season with Darian Stewart starting at free safety, but he was a disappointment and was not re-signed. Elam also struggled last season at strong safety, and Pees tried many different safety combinations, looking for a consistent duo.

Asked if he would rather rotate safeties, or have a set tandem, Pees quickly said, “I’d like to have two guys. We rotated because we had to rotate.”

With Elam injured, and second-year safety Terrence Brooks (knee) on the PUP list, it looks like Lewis and Hill will be the safeties relied on most heavily.http://www.csnbaltimore.com/blog/ravens-talk/lewis-emerging-key-figure-ravens-secondary
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If there is one player that i personally would not mine losing, Elam would be that one. We have players that are better than him but were not picked in the 1st round so they are not given as many chances as Elam. now we have more reps to go around for some of the guys "behind" him, so some of these guys can show what they have. Levine is better than Elam and the rookie from Alabama Nick Perry may have a shot now. If Perry can tackle he's already better than Elam.

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Great way to put it - if there is one player you don't mind losing.

I think a lot of fans are down on Elam.


Yea, it's all about depth. The past 2 drafts added so much depth. We were hot

at most of the positions and Ozzie added depth to those in addition to adding

guys we needed like Gilmore last year and Maxx this year. He drafted Jernigan

which enabled him to trade Ngata for picks that got us the best TE in the draft

this year. Then we got more depth for Ngata.


Then Oz signed Arrington and then Kendrick Lewis so no one is upset when Elam

goes down.

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I forgot to mention in my other thread that Kendick Lewis looked very good . So did Will Hill. You got to kind of feel bad for Matt Elam, as everybody was selling him as 'reborn" and in great shape. Hey, it's the NFL. Shite happens, next man up.

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