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Stealer Coach Assaults Fan.


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So much for this being a "high character" organization.....well...the "High" part is right...




According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Steelers tight ends coach James Daniel has been accused of assaulting and verbally accosting a fan on the way to the locker room just before halftime. Witnesses claim Daniel kicked a Patriots supporter in the back of the leg and yelled at him.

Police and NFL security were waiting for Daniel when he returned to the coaching booth after halftime. When he was identified by a witness and police went to speak to him about controlling his emotions, Daniel reportedly began shouting at an officer. He has been interviewed about the incident and the investigation is ongoing.This has not been a good year for assistant coaches across the NFL. A Cleveland Browns assistant coach was accused of assaulting his fiancee last weekend, and you can read some of the disturbing details from the 911 call here. Back in July, a Buffalo Bills assistant was accused of punching a juvenile boy. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/steelers-assistant-coach-accused-of-assaulting-patriots-fan/ar-AAebBpK?li=AAa0dzB&ocid=iehp



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