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Who's practicing and who's not// Rookie TEs step up


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Perriman who returned to practice last week left on Monday after feeling discomfort

in his knee. What else is new.


Monroe returned to LT.


Gilmore missed practice MOnday with a calf injury which is bad for the

team given their receiving status. He has 2 TDs in his 2d year replacing Pitta.

He's also second on the team in receiving and being targeted.


While he missed 2d half Sunday, Maxx and Nickie Boyle who hurdled a guy while

running and is from whittle bittle

Delaware had over 55 yards between them.


Yup, the game has passed Ozzie by.



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Perriman was originally scheduled to return in middle of October so they have a

schedule. If he's well by then they'll have him for the 2d half even if it's a

losing season.


Which FA would you want? Who's out there.


BTW, we're not the only team with injuries. As you know Big Jen won't play Thurs,

Luck, Brees and now Romeo are all injured. Brees and Luck are still playing and

not doing so well. Luck has run out of Luck in Indy.


We still have Joe who only has one weapon to throw to. What else is new?

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If he's still out there than no one wants him, not even Ravens.


He's old and worn out.

Yeah I gotta agree and from what I can tell Harbaugh runs a pretty tight ship of its his way or the highway and that is why Wayne wanted out of NE. At this point I would save the money and carry it over into next year. Didn't smitty say this was it for him?
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