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Five Ravens leave game with injuries


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Injuries are part of the game and not to be used as an excuse but 5 more Ravens went

down with so many that are hurt including Forsett, Dooom, Waller, Webb and Will Davis.

Getting to the lower ranks of the depth chart, the guys just weren't ready to contribute which

explains how they came back but the Ravens battered secondary still took them to OT

where they lost.


In addition, Steve Smith SR didn't start as well as Gilmore, Canty and of course our #1 draft pick

and WR Perriman not to mention Suggs, yet the Ravens controlled the game with a half time lead but the

entire receiving staff was shut down in the second half.


As someone wisely said - SHIT HAPPENS!



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Second year in a row a whole part of the team has been decimated by injuries. Is it just bad luck or something else?

Dam right its something else, this pussified CBA that states they can only have contact once a week is ludicrous. These is the NFL, not Sunday morning flag bar league,

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Forsett had his ankle rolled up on during the tackle after his 32-yard reception in the fourth quarter put the Ravens well within range for a game-winning touchdown. Harbaugh said Forsett was still being looked at, but "it's not a high-ankle" sprain.

“I can tell you that,” Harbaugh said. “So that’s a good sign. That gives him a chance for this week.”

Harbaugh also confirmed that Will Davis will be out for the season with a torn ACL. He didn't have updated on other players injured on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Those players — outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil (groin), cornerback Lardarius Webb (thigh), and receiver Darren Waller (concussion) — were still being evaluated, Harbaugh said, and some were having MRIs.http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/bal-john-harbaugh-hopeful-on-steve-smiths-status-justin-forsett-doesnt-have-high-ankle-sprain-20151012-story.html

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Crav, it's now a watered down league. And the tough as nails players are a dying or dead breed.

I don't know we will ever see a guy like Ray Lewis again. I sure miss that style of play.

I honestly don't know how a coach can coach and give an honest evaluation of these players with only hitting once a week. Any prospect can look all world in gym shorts.

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I honestly don't know how a coach can coach and give an honest evaluation of these players with only hitting once a week. Any prospect can look all world in gym shorts.


Another good point and I agree with you that the lack of contact practices is leading to more gameday injuries.

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A lot of it is bad luck but it's happening all over the league. Jamal Charles just went out for the year for KC. Jordy

Nelson, WR, went down for GB in preseason as did Elam for us.


We have Suggs out for the year. Last yr losing Jimmy Smith for the year cost us a trip to the SB. We would have

won in NE with Jimmy. They picked on Melvin and still used a lot of trickery and bending of the rules to beat him.


It does seem this year we have more stars out. I don't know if that conditioning, luck or what but HARBs has

the toughest training camp this side of Coughlin. Remember when Reed, Pollin and Bolding bitched about wearing

pads twice per day and HARBs got rid of them all.


Ravens have been one of the most best conditioned teams in the league since HARBs arrival.

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We have to hope some of these players make it back quick.



The offense, meanwhile, could get a boost this week. Of the nine guys I mentioned above as being "week-to-week," it sounds like the four that have the best chance to play this week are Forsett, Taliaferro, Smith and Gillmore. I'm not saying that they will. As Perriman's situation taught us, it's foolish to make predictions on injuries. But those guys, along with Canty, probably have the best chance to play. http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/bal-ravens-news-and-notes-20151013-story.html


There is nobody who can rush the passer right now with Suggs and Dumervil out.

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