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Ravens to show Red Zone, too

Posted by Mike Florio on May 27, 2010 2:33 PM ET

Earlier this week, MDS pointed out that the Patriots will be showing the NFL Red Zone on their new HD video screens.


The Ravens are now following suit.


The new 24-by-100-foot HD boards at M&T Bank Stadium will display the live feeds and highlights from other games during Ravens games. "This goes to giving our fans the same thing they can get at home," Ravens president Dick Cass said.


The Maryland Stadium Authority and the Ravens shared the costs of the new HD screens.


"Our continued investment at M&T Bank Stadium is to enhance our fans' game-day experience and to attract more non-Ravens events," Cass added. "We work to create an environment that is more compelling than a fan's staying at home and watching our games on television. RavensVision will be a significant part of our presentation. We're excited for our fans and others to see these dramatic video boards."


More than 500 flat-screen HD televisions also will be installed throughout the facility.


It's all part of the league's effort to compete with the millions of man caves throughout the country. As the private viewing experience improves, the NFL needs to ensure that folks will still prefer to attend games in person.

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I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm sure it will enhance the game day experience.


The 500 tv's will help....there are still plenty of dead spots where you can't see the game.

What is really needed is radio in the Men's room in section 115...it never works. Better yet...put some tv's in there with the volume cranked up.


They upgraded the turf...not bad...they raised prices but they are giving back.


It makes a difference to this fan knowing he's sitting in the best stadium in the NFL.


Watch this in Hi Def on a 100 foot screen...:)



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Guest BallTMore

Excellent news!



That was probably my only gripe about going to Ravens games. I didn't know what was happening elsewhere in the NFL. "Highlights from around the league was always way off.



The gameday experience is now complete.

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I can't wait to kick back in my purple seat and see this...


The video screens, which team officials are calling "RavensVision boards," debuted Saturday at the NCAA men's lacrosse Final Four. There is just one word to describe them, "Wow."


The "compelling" visual experience they provided would be unmatched around the NFL -- or in your living room. Seriously, you didn't know whether to watch the lacrosse action on the field or watch the boards. If there was a lever to put up the "footy" on your chair, you would have felt right at home.


There's no equal to these boards, trust me. Like I said earlier, "Wow."



Ravens Football in Baltimore...LOVE IT!



I remember when it was in black and white on tiny TV's with rabbit ears...crav was a teenager then...


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