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Bmore has been home to 4 of NFLs best kickers/Tuck can sing opera too


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REally. In addition to being the Ravens lead stand-up comedian with his antics on and off the

field he's a professional opera singer. Go to Ravens site for pic performing at a Catholic Charity



Anyone remember Hauska? He's on the top 4 list. He was a journeyman kicker ala Billy Goat

and blew a simple kick in Minn that killed our playoff chances and was run out of town. He

still bounced around til he landed in Seattle and won the SB ring.


Well, we wouldn't have Tuck if Hausk and Goat hadn't blown those kicks


Gano is the other one whom the Ravens cut in favor of Hausk and that pissed me off at the time.

I wanted Gano and he is doing well now after bouncing around including the CFL.


Shayne Graham is the 4th on the list.


In addition to those kickers we have probably the best punter in the game.


HARBs credited the special teams coach and scout for bringing them all in.





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Joe returning back in late October. Crav, where are you hearing this ? I heard successful surgery and back in 6-9 months - meaning September at the latest.

I heard acl/mcl was 12 month recovery, lets not forget he just was operated on last week

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If it's truly 12 months, we should just tank another season ( another 4-12 record) and plan on being the Bungles and Browns from the last decade. And hopefully draft well and gear up for a 2017 season.


I'm thinking more like Max - he's back around September. Can't see Joe not being ready by Sept/Oct.


If not, we need to draft Joe's eventual replacement or acquire via FA.

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Joe's still young. It's not like he's Steve Smith's Jr's age who is trying to come back

next year. He's never been out before. Joe isn't 22 anymore but he's not 32 either.

When I broke my shoulder at 57 the surgeon said I was still young to have surgery on

it but if I were a few years older it wouldn't be feasible.


Joe is a tough kid who took a lot of hits never getting injured except once in Detroit

but still played with a brace on his knee.


He will return.


I wouldn't be surprised to see them draft a QB in the first round to groom for the future.

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