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Clausen will start


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BALTIMORE -- Jimmy Clausen will look to end a long drought when he reportedly will start for the Baltimore Ravens against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

Clausen hasn't won a game as an NFL starter since Dec. 19, 2010 -- a stretch of 1,820 days. He is 1-11 as an NFL starter, which is the worst record for any quarterback with at least 10 starts since 2010, his first season in the NFL. On Sunday, Clausen will try to get his first win in five years against the league's No. 2 defense, which shut him out in Week 3 when he was with the Chicago Bears.http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/24406/ravens-jimmy-clausen-looks-for-first-win-in-1820-days




So what good thing can you say about him Marc?


"He’s a real student of the game," Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman said this past week.


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Todays starting O line who will give Clausen plenty of protection and time to throw...


Monroe's on IR, Wager has a bad ankle so Hurst and Wesley will see playing time and Urschel will start at center. Yanda will take on 5 guys every play.


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He's a real student of the game? LOL


That reminds me back in 65 when they made Tom Matte the instant QB after Unitas

and Quozzo-sp went down. Shula put him in because he knew he played a little QB

at Ohio State.


So Shula called Woody Hayes and asked if Matte could play QB in the pros and Woody

said Tom is the most politest kid I ever had here Don.


Shula said cut the shit Woody. I'm trying to prepare for the Packers. Can Matte play

QB in the pros and Woody said yea and Matte did well. He won game after game mostly

running. He said he was never afraid of football til he became the QB-lol.


Shula brought in a journey man QB to back up Matte named Brown, I think it was. He played

QB in college on Gino Marchetti's team so Gino recommended him and Shula signed him.

The was one play where Shula wanted to throw so Brown threw a TD to win the game.


It took a fake FG by the Packers to keep Matte from the world championship in 65. The Colts

led but at the end GB kicked the FG for the win. The kicker was so sure he didn't make it he kicked

the dirt in disgust but heard all the people yelling and screaming and said WTF?


Then he saw the officials with their arms raised. The kick was good. The kicker knew it wasn't and

couldn't figure it out. John Steadman had a pic of the ball being 10 ft wide with the officials arms

raised and he was going to publish it in his paper. The commish heard about it and asked him not

to so he didn't and Rozelle owed Steadman a big favor. Steadman did put it in his book

FROM COLTS TO RAVENS 35 years later.


Matte just missed the 65 championship game but they had the playoff bowl in Miami back then for

the runner up teams which were Baltimore and Dallas that year.


Shula was on the side lines watching Matte over throw all his receivers during pre-game practice with

Tex Schram-sp, their great GM. Dallas was an upstart and upcoming team in 65.


Finally the game started and Matte beat the Boyz by 30 points and Shula was criticized for running up

the score and embarrassing the NFL but he had a point to make. He believed that GB game was

fixed because they didn't want a 2d string backup for RB as the starting QB in their big game. Shula

said to hell with everyone and embarrassed Dallas. Baltimore always had their number, even with

the Colts and even now.


Matte also beat Landry's famous flex defense which was revolutionary and how Dallas got there.

Shula laughed all the way home because Matte didn't even know what a flex defense was and beat

them by 30 points.

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He had no running game too.

I'll give him props for what he had to work with and only 2 weeks here.

At least he didn't throw the pick 6 as Schaub is sure to do.


But 6 points?

Sorry. Seattle's D is not that good.

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You're right but get this. Ravens have a QB controversy-lol.


They liked what they saw from Clausen so we'll see more of him.




The Ravens like what they saw from Jimmy Clausen, according to Fox Sports, and it may have earned him some playing time in the coming weeks. Look out world! The Ravens have a short-term quarterback controversy on their hands for the first time since 2008. Ah, the memories.

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