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Nick Boyle suspended 10 games for 2d offense


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Man, what an ass hole. He just served the last 4 games suspension by the Ravens and now he's

caught again using performance enhancement drugs for 10 games by the NFL. They will

be the 1st 10 games.


HARBs is shocked and doesn't think he realized what he was doing. EHH - He knew but should

have stopped after the last suspension.


Ravens were hi on him too and had their TE position set with Gilmore, Maxx and Boyle.


Next one and he's out of here for at least 2 years.


What an ass hole but he looks like a mean mutha ficker.



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2d offense not to get confused with first one.


I thought it was about the NFL extending the first penalty by the Ravens

by reading the title.


So it was two events.


Besides Crav, this forum needs more threads. Not too active ya know?

This family has survived since 2007, when it was created. We do just fine

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Thanks. I get it now.


The board I was on is always busy but they have a lot of experts over there or guys who think

they are and a bunch of the biggest pussies on the internet - always insulting. I tracked two

guys down at a party and they never said the words in front of me they used and another

guy who was always insulting me but never in person.


I stripped on man of his pride in front of his friends and was the only person to take

things off the board. When we all got back to the board they became the biggest pussies

on the net.


I take things a little seriously but I just want to talk Ravens all day and all night.

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Some beat writers suggest Boyle may never play again. Ravens have added two more guys. Ravens just don't know if they can trust him. He outperformed their expectencies of him. He was known as a good blocker which he was but he was a threat receiving the ball and was a solid backup when Gilmore and Maxx went down with

injuries. He gave Ravens a solid foundation at TE.


Everything changes and he might not be invited back in November. Boyle also forfeits $308,000

in salary. OUCH!





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HUH - It's been more like 60s in Feb down there in recent years - not good beach weather,

especially all last year when it was so cold. It will be warmer for me in March when I'm there.


Just looked it up. From Thurs it's going to rain and be from 63-69 thru Sun. Rain tomorrow.

It rains a lot down there. There's no 80 degree days in this forcast. This is lousy beach

weather. Now 63 is a hell of a lot better than 23 here but still not good for the beach but golf

and fishing but I love it 85 - 90 on the beach and there's none of that.






But you know what they say. Guys that post on message boards have no life but there's a like of guys

on Tony's board with no lives and they love to insult you from the safety of their homes. It's the

biggest bunch of pussies on the internet including Tony. He writes about Bruce Cunningham

who says, he never says these things to me in person at the pressers and around town. Thats

his typical statement. He said that to me too until he spoke at a Nest 1 meeting.


He took questions and answered mine and then I said btw, I'm T and his face turned red. I even

went up to him and looked him straight in the eye. He threatened a bunch of us for disagreeing and on

Sunspot he threatened anyone who disagreed with him and that was mostly everyone.


They ran him off Aaron's board the old RN2 board. He just couldn't take what they said about him.

One day on the radio some guy called him every dirty name on the book. They had to cut the call

and go to a break. When they came back Bruce said, that was one of the internet guys. I'm sure

that was T. It wasn't me because I never call radio shows. The boards are bad enough.

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We are going to be 81 today, and that's in Daytona where I work, and just remember we are closer to the equator here, the sun is powerful and hot, 3 hours Saturday we spent on the beach in new Smyrna and my back got lit up, its still stinging now.




Right now, 3:45 am it is 66 degrees I'm on my pool deck, coffee, shorts and flip flops


And FYI, there is a chance of rain everyday in the state of Florida, it happens everyday starting in the early afternoon time. Normal airflow is from West to East, early afternoon the sea breezes come off the Atlantic and move East to West, where the air masses meet, thunderstorms form. The storms don't last long, we rented a pontoon last may and got caught in one, I couldn't out run it, not fun.

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Interesting scenario, Heath Miller of the Stealers has retired, if we cut Boyles, you think they take a chance on him?

Not likely because Heath is retiring not getting cut.


I got that, we releasing a tight end, they're in need of one.

Oh. I misunderstood you. Thought you meant we might pick up Miller but now I see where you're at. Brain fog on my part.

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