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Pre Training Camp Thoughts


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I read an article on Al Saunders in the Sun this morning and it sparked some thoughts on the upcomming training camp.


Al said:

This is an organization that has a chance to be a dominant team in the NFL. You've got [strong] ownership, head football coach and general manager," he said, referring to Steve Bisciotti, Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome, respectively. "And you couldn't have a better three that not only work together, they all have the same vision. … There's no reason this can't be, if it's not already, one of the marquee franchises in the NFL. And we will win here."



What I saw was one good coach that the Ravens are fortunate to have and then I thought they are loaded with solid coaches from the HC down. This is critical for team success because Ozzie has loaded this team with very good, talented players. All they need is great coaching to take that next step as a team.


That's what happened in 2000. A perfect storm where a very solid roster was put together with great coaching. Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Rex Ryan and Mike Smith went on to be head coaches.....and they still are! That team did not crackin the face of serious adversity. Instead they found themselves and their identity. They put together a winning formula.


Part of that success and Super Bowl run was the great coaching that was in place.


I see the same senario for this season.


I don't know who amoung this list will be a future HC in the NFL, but this is one very good staff beginning with John Harbaugh...



John Harbaugh Head Coach

Jerry Rosburg Assistant Head Coach / Special Teams Coordinator

Cam Cameron Offensive Coordinator

Greg Mattison Defensive Coordinator

Roy Anderson Defensive Assistant / Secondary

Clarence Brooks Defensive Line Coach

Jason Brooks Assistant to the Offense

John Dunn Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Wade Harman Tight Ends Coach

Jim Hostler Wide Receivers Coach

Marwan Maalouf Assistant Special Teams Coach

John Matsko Offensive Line Coach

Andy Moeller Assistant Offensive Line Coach

Ted Monachino Outside Linebackers Coach

Wilbert Montgomery Running Backs Coach

Chuck Pagano Secondary Coach

Dean Pees Linebackers Coach

Bob Rogucki Strength & Conditioning Coach

Al Saunders Senior Offensive Assistant

Craig Ver Steeg Offensive Assistant

Matt Weiss Head Coach's Assistant

Jim Zorn Quarterbacks Coach


These are the men who will be teaching and putting together the 2010 team during training camp this year. How well they communicate and teach....how well they work in tandum for a common goal...how well they mold all 3 units...offense, defense, and special team into a game winning unit is part of what I will be looking for in this 2010 camp.


The talent is in place...as good as you can hope for in this age of the salary cap.

The team who hoists the Super Bowl trophy this year with be the team and organization that gets the most out of their talent.


The current Ravens coaching staff has a rare opportunity to become great like the 2000 staff. That's what they have lived for their entire careers...to win...to be part of a Super Bowl Championship team.



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Jim Zorn Quarterbacks Coach cry.gif


This worries me to no end, Zorn was not that good of a QB himself, I really dont see how he can assist Joe. But if somehow, Zorn is a non factor and we do accomplish what we all think Joe can accomplish with some weapons, We will be attending a parade in February.

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Jim Zorn Quarterbacks Coach cry.gif


This worries me to no end, Zorn was not that good of a QB himself, I really dont see how he can assist Joe. But if somehow, Zorn is a non factor and we do accomplish what we all think Joe can accomplish with some weapons, We will be attending a parade in February.





The Zorn situation reminds me of a past employer of mine who once informed me about a new project manager (supervisor).

After giving me the "heads up" about the new boss, he tried to comfort me by saying "well, this new boss may not help you, but he wont hurt you". Looking back on it, it all makes sense now. We were in a huge office (system) and the guy neither hurt or helped.


Maybe that will be Zorn and the Ravens. The system is so deep,strong that Zorn probably wont have much of an impact.

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Crav, what is it? If you are a former NFL QB and you are average or not very good, you are going to be a bad QB-coach? How do you come to that conclusion? What about all these QB-coaches without NFL experience who later becomes QB-coaches? Is that better?


I have never been a fan of Matt Hasselbeck (or Charlie Batch who had his only decent years together with Zorn), when Zorn was their QB-coach they did a nice job!


Hasselbecks reciever group was never that great, he did have Alexander, still Hasselback did produce good numbers in 2007 with a group of reciever and RBs who was worse than we got now. Btw a Hasselbeck/Alexander offense and now a Flacco/Rice offense. I buy that!


We are going to make some decisions, with Bulger, Beck and Troy. Bulger have probably some credit from our old Rams coaches, Beck some credit from Cam, and Troy some credit from the FO.. they did draft him. Zorn should be without any favourite, not bad.. And maybe Zorn will give our Offense


Another thing, Randle El recently commented that Zorn as Skins HC, never got the same opportunities as Gibbs did, and when they have an owner like Snyder, I buy that statement!


And a last thing, Cams offense is great no doubt, still in POs I have this sense of Marty ball, just maybe Zorn and Saunders is the people who can help him to finish the job.

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hey...Washington sounds ready to go.


“I definitely think I’ll be ready to rock and roll in a few days when camp starts,” Washington told BaltimoreRavens.com.


“I’ve been pushing it so hard down here in Florida, so I don’t know how much more difficult camp can be. [The knee is] something that hasn’t given me any trouble lately, so I’m excited to be back on the field.”


Washington’s sentiments mark positive news for a previously thin secondary with injuries to cornerback Lardarius Webb and safety Ed Reed.


Now, Washington, who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.29 seconds at the 2005 NFL Scouting Combine, said he feels as fast as ever and notes his ability to play with confidence despite the recovering knee.


“I feel like I’ve gotten my leg strong enough that I’ll be confident when camp rolls around. That’s the biggest thing. You can come back healthy, but you have to have that confidence.”


Recently, Washington’s most pressing task has been conditioning, considering he has watched from the sideline for months.


“I’m doing a lot more football-specific stuff, like cutting, breaking in and out of routes, backpedaling,” he explained. ”It’s a lot of footwork and conditioning stuff that I couldn’t do earlier in the offseason. It’s crazy because now that I am able to run, I have to pack months of conditioning that my teammates have been doing into a few weeks.”


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Nice article on Ramon Harewood...look out Gaither...


Harewood was academically gifted with a 1370 SAT score. He was 6-foot-6 and well over 300 pounds.

And the young man was athletic enough to excel on junior national teams in rugby, track and field, and volleyball. He also played a mean game of cricket....He had never played much organized football before, but his huge frame, natural athleticism and quick mind allowed him to dominate the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference as a two-time first-team all-conference selection.


In 30 starts, Harewood recorded nearly 100 pancake blocks.....At roughly 360 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash in 5.08 seconds.He also registered an eye-popping 9-foot-3-inch broad jump.

"Harewood is a huge man. I mean he's a giant," director of college scouting Joe Hortiz said. "You guys are going to see him, he's massive. He can knock down his side of the line of scrimmage.


"He needs a lot of developmental work and technique, but he's got foot speed. He's got a lot of work to do, but he's got the passion and drive to get better."


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