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I'm a pessimist, I seem him being a 1st round version of Campanaro. The guy might see the field of few games this season, but honestly he'll never get the chance to get polished thru practice. He'll be treated with kid gloves in practice with no contact and minimal cutting which will only soften him. The knock on the guy out of college was his hands, and how do you learn to catch at an NFL level without a little contact.

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I'm pessimistic: from what I've read about the ACL, and people I've talked through who have gone through a reconstruction, it's very rare an ACL heals on its own if there is any sort of tear. That's why a partial tear often requires full reconstruction, and an ACL sprain is at high risk for a tear if proper rest is not given. I am encouraged that the best sports surgeon in the world decided Perriman's ACL is intact. However, the Sun article from a month ago quoted doctors who said if the ACL is still sore a couple months later, reconstructive surgery may be required to help the legitimate properly heal. In other words, we may not be out of the woods yet.


Wouldn't surprise me to see Perriman sit out training camp and the preseason, possibly more, to ensure he's fully healed.

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