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Week 17 at Cincinnati Bengals


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For the half the Bengals are averaging 8.1 yards per play.

Using guys like Cody Core...4 catches for 82 yards ypc 20.5

Boyd..2 for 39 19.5 ypc

Lafell... 4 for 35 and a lowly 8.8

Uzomah 3 catches and a TD


54.5 QB rating for Joe but they will make sure the game rests on his arm, accuracy and brains.

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Now...the Ravens would have 1 more win right now if they ran once the reach the 2 or 1 yard line.

In all probability, had they run instead of thrown when it was 1st and 2 earlier they this is a 20-17 game.


So Joe stats a new franchise passing yardage mark.

4,000 plus yards.

How many wins did that get them?

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I have a very hard time watching most games on tv


It's been that kind of year for the NFL.

This was 3 hours of our lives that we can never get back.

I now know how Browns fans feel.

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Meanwhile Dixon's averaging 4.7 ypc.

West 4.3.


11 runs.

21 throws

3 points.


First and goal at the 2.....Didn't I hear somewhere that's the worst call that I ever made?



That sums up our season.


And why did Flacco start this game other than padding his stats ?

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