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Overcoming Weaknesses


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Its a forgone conclusion that our biggest weaknesses are at CB and OT (Gaither's spot). The CB position is obviously the biggest concern, the OT position looms large as well.


What are the chances we make a trade for a CB ? Or do we just bite the bullet, cross our fingers that Wash and Webb recover, and ride it out this season with whta we have ?


Gaither continues to be a enigma. Is he our RT or LT, this year or in the future ? It seems a bit murky. Either way, we need some cohesion and stability on the OL to protect Joe amd support our expanding passing attack.


Thoughts anyone ?

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Gaither will be fine. They really like that rookie at RT. This very well could be Gaithers last season here.


Talk about the DBs with some guys at camp, and the one pointed out about the Pats playing WRs at CBs.

It is all about the rush. Get to the QB, just get him moving and it is bad for him.

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I think at trade can happen for a corner but the Ravens will have to give up one of their LB's or DT's.


They have to find the right partner...a team in need of a DT or LB that has a surplus of corners.

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There is no team that has a surplus of corners.

The Jets have an exceptional one who doesn't seem to want to play for them anymore. Be prepared to empty the checkbook though.

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Half their team is down with injuries.


Yeah, Shefter suggested we might be able to send one of our running backs over to Denver for one of their cornerbacks. However, I see Willis McGahee as a big part of our team this season. I hear he added a lot of strength this offseason while still staying in excellent physical shape. It looks like he is embracing his role on this team as a short yardage/goal-line powerback. Good to see Willis out there working hard.

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