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Mike's Final Report Card


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I'm not optimistic about 2017 at all when I look at last season, this roster and coaching staff....add the front office to this list.

They were good at finding ways to lose.

All these "Mighty Men" got sand kicked in their face. :nono:



Coaching: Defensive coordinator Dean Pees had strong command through the first three quarters of the season, but his unit never adjusted when teams started running the ball against them late in year. Overall, though, he didn't have much talent to work with, especially on the back end. Mornhinweg got locked into the notion that the Ravens were a passing team, and he stayed with this idea even though the Ravens had an adequate running game. There were quite a few games when he got way from running the ball too early. Harbaugh should have provided more input into the offense, and that cost the Ravens. Harbaugh also made some bad decisions early in the season when he gambled instead of relying on a strong defense and Tucker. Harbaugh needs to give the Ravens' offense an identity, not wait for Mornhinweg in 2017. After all, if Harbaugh goes, all the other coaches go with him. Grade: D....http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-preston-report-card-0106-20170105-story.html


It's real bad if other coaches don't want to come here.

It means the professionals know it's a bad scene. Then again, there are an abundance of bad scenes in the NFL.


For me....I spent a lot of money going to the games and it was not entertaining.

Right now, I'm pissed.

I don't see anything fun or hopeful to talk about.


I mean...who looks forward to a "death watch" season for the HC and coaching staff?

You want to feel good that the right men are in place and that they can build and mold the talent they have into a tough, competitive team.

Harbaugh did that when he first got here....but he had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

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For what it's worth, we are 3 games better than last year, but I'm not even happy about that. This Raven team did not feel like the Ravens we are accustomed to. No rah rah or enthusiasm at all. Boring football for the most part. And the inability to put teams away when we had nice leads this season. And then the bone headed decisions/interceptions thrown by Flacco. Pretty sad for a $120 million man.

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