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Sunday Game Thread

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While I'm preparing all kinds of football food for today I thought I'd open a thread for todays games since the Ravens are not playing.


I'm particulary interested in the AFC North games of course.


Pittsburgh/Atlanta is at 1pm along with the Bengals/Pats so there will be a lot of channel switching back and forth on my new big screen TV... way-to-happy.gif... Maybe my son can figure out how to get 2 screens going. Both should be good games.


The face of the Stealer Franchize won't be starting...

"Hey! I only take my clothes off in bars!"



The chemistry in their locker room is changing...



While the fan base remains the same...



Go Falcons!


After the way the Ravens smashed the Pats in the playoffs, I'm not too optimistic about them being able to handle the Bengals....but I'll be a Pats fan today...



It looks like the 4pm game will be Packers/Eagles...got to watch Rodgers. They look like the best team in the NFC.


Then we close out the day with some good comedy courtesy of the over hyped NFC Least.....the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons vs Mexico's team....a real laugher.

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The Bengals are picking up where they left off last year...


14 Sun, Dec 13 @Minnesota...... L30-10

15 Sun, Dec 20 @San Diego...... L27-24

16 Sun, Dec 27 vsKansas City... W17-10

17 Sun, Jan 3 @New York........ L37-0


2009 Postseason Schedule


WILD Sat, Jan 9 vs New York... L24-14


2.3 ypc rushing for the Bengals????


The NE LB's are fast and good in coverage. The nameless secondary is playing well too.

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