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The numbers are in


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Look at these figures for only 4 days of gambling at Perryville Casino....




All the dragging of the feet to get these slots in play in the State. Whats it been 4 years in the works?

Cant wait to see the figures for an entire month of slots.

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I think it will taper off, it was new and people wanted to see the new ways they could hand their money to someone else. I am not against the slots though, if people want to play and lose their money like that I have no problem with it.

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I took some money out of your slots parlor kool.gif


But I will say, if you want a good seafood buffet, its the place to go..Shrimp, clams, fish and crab meat pasta it was well worth it.


The Mrs and I went there opening week Friday night, we went early 5:00ish, we left at 9:00 and the line was a 2hr wait to get into the place.

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crav, whaddya think about the Question A approval? I voted against it, although I get the revenue angle, I just couldn't really stomach the thought of such a monstrosity next to where I take my kid to the movies. then again, Arundel mills is hardly family friendly. Is Cordish's slots really the best medicine for the horse-racing industry? just curious...

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Millz, Living in Pa, I have no problem with the OTB parlor that was at the Galleria Mall in York Pa, never heard of harassing the customers....And according to the Baltimore reports that Ive seen over the past 2 months, it was actually Charles Town Racing & Slots that purchased the commercial that the Arundel Mills site was actually IN THE MALL, when technically it is NOT, it will have its own entrance and seperate building...


As far as slots helping the Horse Racing industry? that horse has been beaten to a pulp, its too far gone..While yes the slots were passed, the surrounding states are now full fledge gambling with table games and sports betting.



So for me as a recreational gambler, I'll still travel to Delaware Park instead of going to Perryville, just for the simple fact that slots are somewhat boring.


Heres something i also just found out, when you win at a Md slots, your take out is 10% less, whereas Delaware, WVa and Pa are only taking 6% out of the winnings..I dont understand that greed at all.


For Md Horseman to really take rebuilding horseracing seriously, Md needs to go to full fledge gambling...7% is a decent percentage to be set aside for the racing industry out of every dollar, but if the total handle is only taking in 15-20 million a month, they will stay put. Delaware is averaging 1.5 million dollars a day from their 3 casinos or 562 million dollars a year, now you take 7% of that and dump it into the horse industry, you can get on the track to rebuilding a once storied history..



I do follow horse racing on a daily basis, not as a gambler but as a "checker of who's leaving the state of md for bigger purses fan"


The results are quite amazing, at one time WE in Md had the best horse trainers on the East Coast..Bill Boniface(trained Preakness winner Deputed Testamony) michael Trombatta, Dickie Small, Scott Lake, Richard Dutrow, Barclay Tagg, Anthony Dutrow....They all took their million dollar stable of horses to Delaware, Mommoth Park(NJ) and NY Belmont & Aqueduct & Saratoga.


Those are just a few of the big name trainers, that have left the state theres plenty of smaller stables that also take their horses North for a bigger piece of the pie.

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So, here comes the Slots at Arundel Mills! We'll see if MD can play this right and lure gamblers back instate, but from what you say Crav, too little too late and with too much take. Great response, thanks! well beyond my knowledge...

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