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Getting Excited

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I'm feeling it.

The tide is turning and momentum is building.


The Ravens are averaging 31 points per game over their last 5 games. Joe keeps taking one step forward to being January Joe.

The O has a legit runner in Collins. He's a true #1.

The line isn't regressing. They are solid at best.

Wallace is emerging.

Who's this season's Boldin going to be? Woodhead perhaps?

Waton as this year's Pita?

Moore as this year's Jones on offense? Or could it be Macklin?


The Special Teams unit is the best the Ravens have ever fielded.


The D is stopping the run and leads the NFL in turnovers.

They are better than the 2012 unit.


2 games to go.

2 games to keep developing this squad to be as potent as they can be.


And then all Hell breaks loose. :gorave:






The Ravens are in the Hunt.


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I heard a quote the other day, applied to the Jags when asked if they were legit, that also applies to the Ravens;"You don't play the Browns, Colts, Texans in the playoffs."


While it is true, you can't win if you don't get in, and, anything can happen, and, clearly there is no dominant team this year, the Ravens are cleqrly the weakest of the teams, should they get in.


It makes no sense to me for them to get in and lose the first game. This only keeps Biscuit from making changes in the front office and coaching staff.


I am sure there will be some who leave on their own, but.....


I know, I sound like a broken record but this team is still weak in the areas that matter.


The turnovers are a false front, look at the qbs they played. How many winning teams did they beat? The Steelers swept them, the D gets no pressure on the qbs against good teams and the secondary still has major holes.


The line is barely manageable, and the receivers are not dependable. Sure Joe looks better but ...

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I agree about the weak opponents and backup QB,s that they have won against. Also one of my criteria for a legit playoff team is beating teams with winning records and playoff teams. They are on the short end here. This remains a concern, but not as major after the Steeler game. That game showed me that they have developed enough over the course of this frustrating season, that they can now stand "toe to toe" with anybody. They have 2 weeks to get better and lethal enough to win against really good teams.


The Ravens and the Jags will be the 2 most dangerous teams in the AFC Playoffs.

The Jags because of their D and they are perfecting their winning formula.

So are the Ravens...one week at a time.

They are healthy too.



And the Ravens put up 38 on the Steelers, in their house. That says a lot. The Pats couldn't. The Steeler won't be so fortunate in round 3.


This team has been inconsistent for 2/3rds of the season. It seems that they haven't been able to have more than one game where all 3 units played well. What is impressive to me is how they battled through a ton of injuries starting with Joe's back and through all of this " the Next Man Up's" are settled into their roles and their units are getting stronger.

Now they are showing improvement and finding ways to win.

I don't think they are going to regress from here on out.


I doubt the Ravens show us much these last 2 games on offense. They are scheming up for the playoffs and want to hide what they will unleash.

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Even wifh Shazer that Steeler defense was not very good, especially their secondary. They, like the Ravens d, looked better because of who they played.


There really is no complete team this season, one could argue the Jags, but they are unproven, great defense though.


The Eagles, Rams, good defense, very good offense. Rams have a great front four, but their back 7 is weak. Eagles are the opposite.


Eagles though, have Foles, who knows which one of him will show up week to week.


Saints, good offense bad defense. Panthers, solid defense but Cam has been Cybil this year.


Cheifs? Please, even in their building they are not that great.


Pats? Can't run the ball, can't stop the run and their secondary is horrible, but they have Brady and likely home field. The Ravens are one of a small few teams that can play well up there...


So yes Max, anyone can win it this year if they get in, get hot. This year is much like the 2011-2012 season, average teams, who wants it more, who makes the least mistakes and capitalizes most on the other team's mistakes....


Bad football one reason theae rookie qbs are doing so well lately...

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Totally agree there is no great teams this yr. The way I see it there are 5 very good teams (NE, Pit, Jax, LAR, and Min). There are 4 good teams in Philly (they were really good before Wentz blew out his knee) Atl, Car, and NO. Then there are a ton of mediocre teams (bmore, But, Mia, Ten, KC, LAC, Oak, Dal, Was, Set, GB, Sea, and Zona). All the rest are total losers.


I only see the top 5 as SB capable with maybe NO as an outside shot.

The Saints have a solid D finally. They are #11 this yr. You just don't walk over them anymore. And with that running game they can be scary.


Pats do run the ball. Lewis has been a solid runner for weeks. Again they D since they have so many injuries is designed to slow a team down allowing Brady to light up the other team. It is sort of like the way Indy was with Manning.

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Yes. No dominant AFC Teams.

The team I wouldn't want to meet is the Jags.


The Ravens can complete and that excites me.

I'm not in that "They're going all the way" mindset. I know what they have.....and the door is open, they have a decent shot. They will need to continue to get better as a team with all 3 phases showing up gameday.

And like 2012....they will need some luck.



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