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3 INT's, 2 sacks and only 10 points...a second half shut out...47.5 QB rating for Henne...oh...and Brown only gains 18 yards the rest of the game after that opening drive.

Hell..after that opening drive they held the Phish to 3 points.


They can do better...but...Not too shabby for today.



He was held and double teamed all day. Until somebody else becomes a pass rushing threat Suggs will have to fight like hell all season long. He's playing well.


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The D took over and game wes decided when we shut down Miami right before half. If they go in - its 14-13 Phins at half.

Instead, we stop em (or at least Henne overthrows a WIDE OPEN Anthony Fasano) and we go in 13-10 at the half. That was huge.


That was your game !



I looked at that replay, to see how in the world Henne over threw him by that much.. And guess what, Tavares Gooden, dropped back into coverage, and got right in between Henne and Fasano, Henne picked him up at the last minute or it was a sure pick for Gooden.

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He was held and double teamed all day. Until somebody else becomes a pass rushing threat Suggs will have to fight like hell all season long. He's playing well.




Kevin Van Valkenburg had an interesting thought about Suggs in his post game blog. I think it's worth a repost.


3. The Ravens can make Terrell Suggs a more effective rusher by moving him around and involving him in more stunts.


Suggs has been a polarizing player ever since he signed his big contract prior to the 2009 season. Every week, he gets hammered for not being a more effective pass rusher or for talking too much while producing too little. But part of the problem with Suggs is perception, which I've written in the past, so forgive me if you're a regular reader who feels I'm repeating myself. Suggs didn't get that contract because the Ravens thought he could be Dwight Freeney. He's not a straight-up rushing end who will ever lead the league in sacks. He got that contract because the Ravens saw value in his all-around skill — that he could rush the passer, shut down the run, and even create problems in coverage for teams.


I wonder if part of the problem with Suggs lately is the Ravens have forgotten how to use him. For the most part, they've been lining him up on the edge, asking him to beat a tackle. You could see today that they moved him around a bit, which helped their pass rush. They had him running stunts where he knifed inside and had a blitzer come off the edge, which made Suggs much harder for the Dolphins to find and block. The Ravens pass rush wasn't great, especially in the first half. But they did get pressure late in the game.


Suggs' skill is his versatility, and the sum of his parts. If the Ravens pass rush is going to get better, it might help to do more of what the defense did today, which is make it harder to tell where he's coming from.


Rest of Article


He makes a good point. Suggs definitely lots of noise in the backfield yesterday, especially in the 2nd half. Usually he's lined up at the end of the line and just rushes the tackle, but Suggs has great instincts and is one of the quicker guys to recognize a play as it develops - you kinda neuter some of his playmaking ability by making him a Jared Allen type pass rusher.

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I have to agree with Valkenburg on this one. Suggs got a sack on Henne when he knifed between the Center and Guard. I can't remember where he was lined up on the play and whether it was a stunt but having him try to beat the tackle all day long isn't working and this seemed to breathe life into the pass rush.


I'm still wondering how much the loss of Sergio Kindle has had on our pass rush. Granted you can't rely on a rookie for any sort of production but I see a lot of Suggs in Kindle coming out of college and I think he could have been a really nice compliment to Suggs off the edge. Those 2 guys rushing off the edge would have opened even more holes for Ngata and Redding rushing up the middle. Oh well, lets hope we see it next season.

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