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Did Baltimore Ravens play fast and loose with Ryan Grant's failed physical?

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Ryan Grant and the Baltimore Ravens struck a deal last week that reportedly would have paid the former Washington No. 3 wideout up to $29 million — and not a penny less than half of that — over four years. The value of the deal, even in a seller's market for auxiliary wideouts, seemed completely out of whack.

Sure Crabtree being available made them want a change but that deal was out of line. I think they figured that out to late and had buyers remorse.

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Well, the Colts only gave him a 1 year deal.


Fast & loose? Na, second thoughts? Perhaps, how do you not ask about the ankle before the contract offer, right?


But then, the great & powerful Oz did not know Boller had never played a game in the rain, ever...


Keep in mind, they had the cap space to go after Jordy Nelson, while still "counting the contract of Grant".. So.. Buyers remorse, yep, they kept the receipt, returns are easy.

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All contracts are only valid after the player passes the physical and are approved by the league.


Bad form on the Ravens part yes, but all players know they have to pass the physical before a contract is validated. So if they lie about an injury it is on them if the contract is pulled.


I am not saying he did, it is an ankle, just how much could be wrong with it, asks the man with 2 collapsible ankles because of so many sprains....

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I disagree on this one. Passing a physical is always required when signing a new contract. The fact the Ryan is getting so much less on a one year 'prove it' deal means even his new team is worried.


In other words, I don't think Oz called anybody to flunk him on his physical.

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Of course. But if the FO tells the doc to fail him then that is not legit business. I think the doc searched for the one thing that was not a big deal and made a giant deal of it.

Well, now you are getting into the conspiracy theory, scary lights in the sky type.


Would I be shocked if a team, or this team, would tell a doctor to ruin his career by lying about a client just to make a few extra bucks working for a team? Nope, doctors lie every day...


Still, I just don't buy that right now with this player. They thought he would live up to the contract, they could have afforded both him and Crabtree\ Nelson, then they got the results of his ankle.


Again, I have two ankles that turn over pretty easily because I have sprained them so much over the past 50 years. I would not pay me that kind of money knowing I could turn the ankle just by stepping over an extension cord..

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Never missed a game but even he admitted his ankle kept him from being at his best in the last few games; that is when the injury happened.


For all we know he stretched his ligament really badly that it might require surgery in the near future if it doesn't go back to its normal size. Some do, some need surgery.


After surgery most get back to normal in a year or two, some never do (they actually either stitch or cut the ligament)...


It is a matter of opinion from doctors to decide which is best, rest or surgery.


That was a lot of guarenteed money to gamble on IF his ankle is as I described, I am not saying it is..


Yes, they over paid, but he has a lot of talent, body control, strong hands, as I said, as they said, they hoped he would earn the big pay check.


Now, since they have never developed a receiver, I think it very short sighted to pay someone like him who still needs to develop..


So maybe it was just an easy out via buyers remorse. I just don't see, as I said, since they clearly had the money, them ordering their doctor to lie.

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