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Big injury noone is talking about


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The Steelers quietly put their second starting OT on the IR this past week. Max Starks, who was playing LT, was placed on IR after getting injured in the Cinci game. Like Oher, he was initally their starting RT, but shifted over to LT after Willie Colon got placed on IR during training camp. We'll see what this does to the Steelers offense. Roethlisberger loves to hold onto the ball and this latest injury might lead to the unraveling of their passing game.

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Guest BallTMore



Pouncy would be a bigger loss.


With the Ravens losing this week I fully expect the Steelers to blast the Patriots, thus making this week even shitter. That way the media can swing from their nuts even more.


Of course, if the Pats win, the media will just attach itself to Brady's labia.


Man I hate when the Ravens lose.

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It is big. The one thing is Ben never seems to care about his OL going down. Last yr they were in the same situation and ben got through it.


Yes, but last year Ben had Holmes to bail him out. This year their big weapon in the passing game is Mike Wallace. He is a one trick pony (at least in this point in his career) and that trick is the deep bomb. You have to pass protect to throw the deep bomb.

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