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7th in scoring...somehow.


14th in pass yards per game...Pittsburgh's 26th...maybe we don't stink that bad! Might be on to something here varav.


23rd on 3rd down.


I better stop with the 7th in scoring..:)




This D can go South or North...I'm not sure which way they will head yet.


pssst! The Stealers are 9th in ypg. 5th in scoring...they're supposed to be great right?

The Ravens are right behind them.

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In the Ravens' first four games, their pass defense ranked among the league leaders. They gave up 25 first downs passing, 523 total pass yards and just 55 points. In the last five games, they've been tattooed for 76 first downs, 1,527 gross pass yards and 110 points.


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We are 6-3 with a good chance to be 8-3 going into Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks. While defensive rankings are important, I am not putting all my stock in it. For as much glamor as the Patriots defense is getting for shutting down the Steelers offense, the Pats D is still 29th in the league. Make it into the playoffs and if you get on a hot streak you can beat anyone. The 2006 Colts had the 21st ranked defense in the league and held the Chiefs to 8 points, us to 6 points, and the Bears in the Super Bowl to 17 points. New Orleans came into the playoffs last year with the 25th ranked defense. They hold Arizona to 14 points, forced 6 turnovers against the Vikings, then hold the Colts to 14 points in the Super Bowl.


As Ray Lewis would say, the bottom line is that we have the talent on offense to put up points and the talent on defense to stop the run and force some turnovers. No one is going to blow us out, so we will be in every game into the fourth quarter. If we get on a hot streak going into the playoffs we have just as good a chance as anyone else to make a Super Bowl run.

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