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Redskins Used Cheerleaders: Topless Photo Shoots and an Uneasy Night Out

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I found this hard to believe but it's in the Times and it's Danny Snyder.

Oh....on top of the abuse they did not get paid for anything




When the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Costa Rica in 2013 for a calendar photo shoot, the first cause for concern among the cheerleaders came when Redskins officials collected their passports upon arrival at the resort, depriving them of their official identification.

For the photo shoot, at the adults-only Occidental Grand Papagayo resort on Culebra Bay, some of the cheerleaders said they were required to be topless, though the photographs used for the calendar would not show nudity. Others wore nothing but body paint. Given the resort’s secluded setting, such revealing poses would not have been a concern for the women — except that the Redskins had invited spectators.

One evening, at the end of a 14-hour day that included posing and dance practices, the squad’s director told nine of the 36 cheerleaders that their work was not done. They had a special assignment for the night. Some of the male sponsors had picked them to be personal escorts at a nightclub.

“So get back to your room and get ready,” the director told them. Several of them began to cry.

A contingent of sponsors and FedExField suite holders — all men — were granted up-close access to the photo shoots.....Mr. Snyder was “bringing the craft closer to pole dancing with every season,” said a 2009 column in The Washington City Paper, which referred to an advertisement on Mr. Snyder’s WTEM-AM sports talk radio station that year. In the ad, breathy male voices discussed a listener contest in which “five lucky winners” would have Redskins cheerleaders wash their cars. One man asked the other if he would like the cheerleaders “soaping up and scrubbing you.”


Here's the whole article....


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Washington Redskins cheerleaders were required to pose topless for a photo shoot in 2013, while spectators invited by the team looked on, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Some of the cheerleaders were then required to attend a nightclub event as escorts for some of the team's male sponsors, according to the Times.

The cheerleaders said there was no sex involved, but they felt the team was "pimping us out." The incidents occurred on a weeklong trip to Costa Rica, for which the cheerleaders were not paid..."It's just not right to send cheerleaders out with strange men when some of the girls clearly don't want to go," one of the women told the paper. "But unfortunately, I feel like it won't change until something terrible happens, like a girl is assaulted in some way, or raped. I think teams will start paying attention to this only when it's too late."..The Times also described an annual, mandatory boat outing with sponsors. Some of the women characterized the 2012 trip as "a wild gathering, where men shot liquor into the cheerleaders' mouths with turkey basters......http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23387536/washington-redskins-cheerleaders-required-pose-topless-2013-photo-shoot-according-report


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Well, they were , according them, just dates, still, not good.


And I am sorry, but when you dress up in skimpy outfits and shake what your parents made, for a living, you can not, NOT, make the claim that your employer is " objectifying" you. You are doing that on your own.


With that said, each job has rules, you agree to those rules when you take the job. Should the rules change while employed, then there are 3 choices; fight the rule changes legally, quit, or agree to them.


Making fun of someone's religious beliefs is not cool as some other team has been accussed of, but if Danny Boy's cheer team leaders did have the girls do things contrary to their job description, then heqds need to be cut off, either end....

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