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Game-By-Game Prediction Of The Baltimore Ravens' Record For 2018

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The Baltimore Ravens missed out on the playoffs for the third consecutive season, something that doesn't sit well with the coaching staff and front office. However, they don't feel as if they're that far away from being a contender in the AFC North. Will they return to the postseason? Here's a game-by-game prediction of the Ravens schedule this year:


Pretty close to my prediction.

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I disagree. There are so many assumption for that just like last season. Brown has to stand up again. Snead does too. Crabtree has been slowing down. The Ravens keep going to get used up vets who have been playing poorly and just expect them to play great here. It is a very asinine method.

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They're not going to play 'great' but they should be good enough for a break even season especially with the12 draftees coming in to help out.


Of course, if the injury bug continues we'll definitely be in a hole.

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Very impressive search to find some obscure slappy website that makes the Ravens look putrid.

It must have taken hours to find.


Hey!...it only took 2 minutes to find a photo of the guy who wrote this...



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