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And the horse crap of the day award goes to

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Joe Flacco deserves future spot in Ravens Ring of Honor




It may seem like the ring of honor at M&T Bank Stadium is getting full. The Ravens first two draft picks got voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ed Reed is going to be enshrined at some point and the Ravens have had some really good times in the 20+ years of football. The Ravens have a lot of names up there and they should. They also need to be a little more selective on who ends up in the ring moving forward. Joe Flacco belongs up there when his career with Baltimore is over.

So how about being selective here. Joe has been a pedestrian QB. HE rode a D and leaders. When they were gone Joe has been mediocre.

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I 100% wholeheartedly agree, Joe is given far too much credit for us winn8ng the Super Bowl and that is his only claim to fame. We don’t win if he doesn’t play great that post season, I have no problem given him his credit there, but he was not the only reason we won. If the ravens defense doesn’t hold the mighty Broncos offense to 21 points we lose. If pollard doesn’t dislodge the pats rb head from his shoulders we lose. If jacoby doesn’t run the 2nd half kickoff back in the SB we lose. There were plenty of plays made that post season by other players that if they weren’t made we would have not won the SB , but somehow Joe has gotten all the credit. Just because Joe is the best QB in ravens history, which is debatable, that’s not really saying much.

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The D gave up 35 points to Denver and 31 to the 49'ers. He didn't ride the defense. They were up 22 points when the lights went out. It was 28-6.

He rode his O line and receivers.

No Joe. No Super Bowl.

He performance in that playoff run was off the charts. Historic.


For that and all the playoff wins, I want him in the Ring of Honor.


:cop: And the horse crap of the day and every day award goes to


PAPA!!!!! :bow:

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The defense gave up 21 points in over five quarters to the broncos. The broncos offense was awesome that year and only given up 21 points in over five quarters is a hell of an effort.The broncos had 2 returns for tds that was other 14 points you cant put that on the defense.and Im not saying he rode the defense Im saying Joe was not the only reason we won. The defense also only gave up 13 points to the pats. Jacoby caught a very badly under thrown bomb in the sb and took it to the house, that was all jacoby. Upshaw caused a fumble in the sb. Kruger had an important sack . It was not all Joe. U can want him in the ROH for those four games thats your prerogative, I just think he should have done more to be ROH worhty

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