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Some good news, concessions being reduced

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Well, good news if you a) go to the games and b) pay their exorbitant prices to buy food & drink...


Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti said in February that the team would take a hard look at reducing prices at M&T Bank Stadium's concession stands.

Across the board? Ummm no....


The Ravens will reduce prices on select food items at concessions stands, with the hope of making games more affordable for fans.

Cass will reveal the price changes Thursday, oh how we wait with baited breath..




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Well, I was wrong, I honestly thought they would pull a Kolhs, discount items nobody wants, putting the prices at a level of their true worth.. Ripoff..


But no, they came through!


The items seeing price cuts include 12 food options and nine drinks. For the first time, you'll be able to get a 12-ounce domestic beer for $5.


The most popular items, soft pretzels and french fries, will see the biggest reductions. Thirteen items will be offered for $5 or less, while no single item will cost more than $9.


Fans will also be able to save money when buying combos. For example, a Stadium Burger, fries and a bottled water used to run you $19.25. Next season, you'll only have to pay $12.

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This is a good move and gesture by Steve.

Love it.



It's a huge slap in the face that airports, movie theaters, concerts,,,sports franchises pull when they know they have you trapped in their building so they go all out to empty your pockets.

$5-6 for a bottle of water!?!

That is insulting. When confronted by that I fell like I'm being called a stupid. "Step right up Sucker!"


As long as people keep coming and buying, then the sky is the limit on how far businesses will go to increase their profits. That's living in America.


Anyway...the fans are winning a little this off season.

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Really water should in a bottle cost up to $1. But stadiums want to make big money. And $6 for that bottle with water so not cool.

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