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preseason game 1

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And Cyrus the Virus!


I feel a whole lot better tonight. I was beginning to worry some. But not anymore. :gorave:



This is the fastest Ravens team ever. Maybe the fastest in the NFL. Offense and defense. They are going to raise hell in the NFL! :gorave:

Speed and Power.

And everything was vanilla with no game plan.


I don't think the Jags crossed the 50 all night. 0 points. 112 total yards.


Lamar's passes were sweet, tight spirals to Moore and Snead. He has really taken big steps forward as a passer. Love the guy. You can see his team mates love him. Infectious. No big fat ego.


A lot of players stepped up and out from the shadows. Tim Williams, Boykin, Young, Jones, Board, Bowser, Wormley, ...who the hell is Modster? Ricard dominated. Vedvik looked terrific. The Ravens should get some great offers for him.


Great job by Ravens coaching staff so far for developing one interesting pool of no name talent. Good job Eric. and finally good job Steve Saunders. This team is in great physical shape.



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Right on with all the comments in all the above posts.


Lamar's a leader and has that 'it' factor Ray was talking about. He gets teammates to believe in him and, even better, believe in themselves.


Max, noticed your shout out to Saunders. It's been well deserved!

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I still want to see them against a real team. Jax sat so many starters.


They did sit a bunch...but we didn't have a few on offense play either. We probably won't get a more accurate read until the season starts.


I was impressed by our team speed on both offense or defense and the effort put out, especially since it was a preseason game.


I have to say our coaching approach is doing a good job---so far.

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