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Happy New Year!


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Happy new year, gentlemen. (I believe I am the lone woman on this board, unless I'm mistaken.) I hope you and your family have peace, love and happiness in this new year in which you've been blessed to receive. It continues to be an honor to partake in football conversations with each of you.

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Happy New Year to you Dee. You're a good woman, running a good website, and I'm glad to know ya. Good luck on Sunday, and in the playoffs after that.


Cheers! 01-CHEERS.jpg

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My New Years resolution is to give up trolling.





vMaximusPost #1: Dec 26 2010, 9:03 am Quote | Report ViolationTotal Posts: 211

vmaximus.jpgI want to thank you in advance for giving the Ravens a win today to clinch a playoff spot.


...and a double thanks for beating the Steelers next week (which really should be easy) and giving the Ravens the AFC North Division title.


You are fine, unselfish fans and your generosity does not go unnoticed.





Our fearless one at his finest








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