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Not good news


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Law enforcement officials are on a manhunt for the brother of Baltimore Ravens star free safety Ed Reed, according to WWL-TV.


According to police, Brian Reed is wanted in St. Rose, La., after jumping in the Mississippi River to elude police.


Reed's mother, Karen Reed, acknowledged that her son, Brian Reed, has had problems with drugs and alcohol in the past.


She said she thought a traffic stop is what led up to the police search.


Reed has managed to avoid apprehension since jumping in the river.





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Call me selfish..


WHY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!



That is selfish, but it's obvious the reason this is such big news is because of the effect it might have on Reed's preparation and participation in the game. Yager said it best - family comes before football. Even if he isn't close to his bonehead brother, i'm sure he cares enough about the rest of his folks for them to be dominating his thoughts.

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You don't jump in that river and survive. The current is beyond powerfully strong.

He'll be okay. I do exactly this all the time on Grand Theft Auto.


I'm sure Ed knew his brother was a dirtbag already. I don't think this will change his thinking much, really. Nevertheless, huge condolences.

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I knew this post was about Ed Reed's bro, but in the back of my head I thought it may also be that Mike Carey is umping our game....not good news...FML


Oh man I hate Mike Carey with a passion. He is so overly dramatic when making a call - he belongs on Broadway not on an NFL field.

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