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He's been playing out of his mind and I think he'll get crazier. Yea...the shirt is too much but he's going hunting. It's good to send a crazy man into the lions den.


I re-watched the KC game and Suggs was in Cassell's face giving his crazy scream and you could see Cassell was scared shitless. Very intimidating...even for guys like Rthsslsxxbrgrrrrr.

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He's on ESPN Radio in 5 minutes.


Just heard the ESPN Radio interview w/T Sizzle. He hit it right on the head and I liked his comment on how these guys flat out dont like each other. There's disdain but mutual respect.


I wasnt fully aware of Ray's talk to Ed Reed (re his brother) and its emotional impact on team last week. I wonder how that carries over this week. More importantly, what is status of Ed's brother ? Maybe I missed it (live in VA).

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Suggs has been playing up to expectations and we're seeing why Suggs was so valuable. I think it's obvious that for a long while we were forced into a situation where we required Suggs to play a role as a run stopper. It's clear that we've recommitted him to the pass rush and to being a disrupter. The guy is a football player, he's done well whether he was asked to play the run or pass.

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Guest BallTMore

It's a funny shirt. :biggrin:



Some fans think this is going to fire the Steelers up even more (Oh no, he's wearing a shirt! I'll play harder now). Really though, the only people this fires up is the fans. L. Woodley responded back with a shirt of his own, it read, "Hey Baltimore, here's your bird (It had a skeleton giving the middle finger, or something stupid like that)

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