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Whats next?


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Lick our wounds...take time off...get away...then they'll inventory everything and everybody internally. If there is a coach on the hot seat then we might see a quick yank before other teams can get the guy the Ravens want.

That would be the only sudden move. They'll take plenty of time on the players....still don't know if there will be a season next year. That effects free agency. 4 months till the draft...way too early to go there.

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Thanks for the welcome. Im surprised im not as crushed as i thought id be I had high hopes for this team but we seen this story over and over we just cant close games. Unlike past years i dont feel we can point at any one thing i just hope we make the right moves we're so close.


Yea, it's funny. I am not crushed either. I think i'm gettin numb to losing close games to Pittsburgh. I watched the game at my sister in laws house in Pittsburgh and she was freaking when the Steelers were down 21-7. I told her not to worry, the Ravens can't close games. Now i didn't expect them to blow it that bad, I thought they'd just let the Steelers back in the game before putting it away.

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I don't think Boldin will ask for a trade. I don't think his performance this season will have anyone interested and he didn't seem that upset.


I think Mason retires. Housh is out. Stall is out. Boldin stays.


I wouldn't doubt if Cam is gone. But wouldn't doubt that he stays around either. I think it's 70/30 that Cam goes, but 70/30 that Mattison stays.


Lots of things to look at in the draft/FA:

OL (Tackle)

DB (CB definitely and a safety to fill in)

WR (still need depth)

LB (preferably a pass rusher, but need to start finding Ray's stand-in too)

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I think this article addresses some of what might/should be next while acknowledging the truth of what has been. I just need to hear others' observations and concerns to get this out of my system and let go for a while... I get the feeling some changes are coming; probably some big ones. It also sounds like KVV is signing off for good maybe, based on reading this.


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