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Bart Scott Postgame


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:laugh: Funny stuff!



Too bad Bart Scott also can't stop a nose bleed. The Jets linebackers have Cromartie and Revis to thank for that victory. Tom had nowhere to throw, even when he had time.

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Just another example to me of ridiculous self-hype.


Poor us. The media hates us.


1. You weren't playing well for the second half of the season

2. You and your coaches/teammates turned yourselves into the show instead of the game


But if you have to create a story to get yourself pumped up ... and then to act so vicious about it ... fine. I just find it sad.

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That was great. I hope they whip the Squeelers ass.


DC was that basically not how the Ravens acted in 2000 when they won the Lombardi? Were you critical then?


It was silly (being nice with that word) then, and it is silly now.Since Rex's departure, the Ravens haven't been like that. And for that, I'm glad.

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I don't remember the Ravens being angry. That's what I think is silly. The Ravens talked about being disrespected, but I don't remember threats or screams at other teams or the media. A little bit of "nobody thought we could do this" after each game, but more in joy than hostility. You get that every year. The Jets have taken it a lotta further.


Though, I do think the need to 'pump yourself up' is a little silly in general.


I think it's interesting how quiet the Jets are this week. No talk. No pumping themselves up. Funny. I will be interested to see how it plays out. I won't be surprised if it fails them - if they need that anger. But I just think it's odd how much you can buy into your own self-created hype/anger/storyline.

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"[sunday] I played a bit of a psychological game with the Jets. It's something that I need to explain. I thought that more important to the Jets than hearing another score of '24-21, they have a chance to win,' was that it was important that they have in their mind, 'you got beat 45 to 3. A large segment of the population believes that can happen to you again.'


"[The Jets] are all watching [ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown before the game]. I wanted to further fuel and cement them in that bunker mentality of us against the world ...


"... As a defensive player, I certainly knew that they had a chance to win and I thought that they certainly might win the game. But I knew when they saw 30-10 that I think they would be reminded of what most people were feeling. And I knew they needed to be a little angrier going on the field."

And Tom thanks for playing.

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This just keeps getting better and better. At first when I ready that Jackson claimed to pick the Patriots to motivate the Jets, I thought, well surely he was just being facetious. No - he was actually serious...what a nut job. Now he's had to come out, retract his statement, and basically admit that he lied because he was embarrassed when Scott called him out.


This is too funny.

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