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Old Colt being a prick on the CBA front


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Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are considered two of the smarter NFL quarterbacks alive. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson reportedly still treated them like children in a CBA negotiating session last Saturday.


Speaking on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York, Cardinals kicker Jay Feely passed along a story from last week’s brief bargaining session in Dallas that Brees and Manning attended.


“Jerry Richardson . . . he’s going to criticize Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and their intelligence in our meeting Saturday?” Feely said. “And sit there and say dismissively to Manning ‘Do I need to help you read a revenue chart son? Do I need to help break that down for you because I don’t know if you know how to read that?’”


We agree with Feely’s point: condescension isn’t going to help get a deal done. Respect is necessary on both sides.


Richardson, who has taken a leadership position among the owners in the negotiation, has been called the “least flexible and most pessimistic” of the owners.


“Logical minds can sit there and come up with a deal, but once you bring up emotion, then you get in the way of logic,” Feely said.


The entire interview is worth a listen, and Feely makes a cogent case on behalf of the players. Our one small quibble is that continuing to publicly talk about the particulars of a negotiating session could get in the way of a deal too.

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Jerry Richardson is an idiot. He is one of the real hard-line owners. He has implored the owners to 'take our league back!' as if they ever really gave it away. If a deal is going to get done, and it will one day, I doubt he'll be the guy to seal the deal. As long as he is 'negotiating' there'll be little progress. And the longer this goes on, the more damage the fans, players, and owners will take.

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