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The Fans Will Be the Losers


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To begin, the league and the players are taking home more money than ever in the history of the game.


If the Players get what they want, then the fans will be paying for it. Prices for everything will go up. Like baseball, we'll be watching below average players being paid millions to peddle their paltry wares before our aching eyes.


If the Leagues gets what they want, then we may not get hosed so bad from the gate...the $4 bottles of water will stay at $4 and not go up to $5 for awhile...but the league has shown they want to get every penny they can from the Golden Goose. It's a matter of time before they get deeper into our pockets. The 18 game league proposal proves they care nothing about the players or the fans. It's for their pockets and benefit only.


And of course...we lose if this doesn't get settled in a hurry. It could really suck if things aren't done untill July/August. What kind of football would we see then? We'd be paying premium dollars to watch teams fumble about trying to learn and execute their systems in September and October.


Neither party cares about us at the moment. It's all about self serving greed. There's a huge pot of moneny and both parties want more.


Expand the schedule, physically wreck and shorten the careers of the players, expand the league, water the product down even more, play overseas and force us to pay to watch every game on NFL Network.

The Future.


Oh...add empty stadiums to that.

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Lets not forget this Max, this is the owners doing all along, with the last CBA they made this year their Opt out year, wich the exercised, those are the boys that are greedy bastards, those are the ones crying broke..


Yet all the Union wants, is the owners to show them the books as to where they are broke..


If the owners show the books, this will be settled in 20 minutes..Bit if the owners dont open up, it will drag out..

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