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We know what Ziby is doing during the lockout


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He uses boxing to train.


I know there has to be something in the CBA prohibiting this kind of behavior..Whats next, skydiving? snorkeling with great white sharks??


It was all explained in the article. There's nothing preventing any player from doing completely as they please. However if they get injured, they'll start the year on the Non-football related injury list and don't get paid until they're better.

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He also figures to have plenty of support in his return to boxing.


Among the teammates planning to attend the fight are safety Ed Reed, defensive end Paul Kruger, and defensive backs Chris Carr, Dawan Landry and Domonique Foxworth. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Troy Smith plans to lead him to the ring, while fellow NFL players Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants and Trevor Laws of the Philadelphia Eagles expect to be in the crowd.


Zbikowski even floated the idea of Haloti Ngata, the Ravens' 6-foot-4, 350-pound defensive lineman, coming out and performing the Haka - the traditional Polynesian war dance - to put a little bit of fear into his opponent standing across the ring.


"If he sees Haloti Ngata in my corner," Zbikowski said, "no way he's going to fight me."


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Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is preparing for a boxing match next weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. And he says he hopes it won’t be his last fight of the offseason.


Asked on a conference call today whether he might fight three or four times this offseason, Zbikowski said he hopes so — and he thinks working out in the boxing gym is a great way to stay in shape before the season starts.


“I think that’s definitely possible,” Zbikowski said. “I’ve been more functional in my training with not a lot of weight training. Right now I’m at about five and a half rounds of fighting at my pace without getting tired. So I’d like to keep working in the gym and keep up my pace and be able to fight six or seven rounds. I mean, if you’re able to keep that pace, then four rounds shouldn’t be that much for you and right now four and five rounds is feeling really good.”


NFL player contracts prohibit activities like boxing that are likely to cause injury, but as a restricted free agent who hasn’t signed his tender offer, Zbikowski has no contract. If he wants to keep boxing professionally during the offseason, he can just wait until closer to the start of the season to sign his tender. In theory, he could go through his whole NFL career signing one-year contracts at the start of training camp and then boxing during the free agency period.


And Zbikowski said he’s not worried about getting hurt in the ring — he thinks boxing is safer than football.


“Other than getting knocked out there is not really that many problems that are going to happen,” Zbikowski said. “There’s not really going to be any torn ACLs or bad ankles. Things like that. I’ve never actually been injured in a fight or sparring. All of my injuries have come more from football more than anything.”


Promoter Bob Arum said Zbikowski will keep getting fights if he wants them.


“As long as he is available to fight we plan to keep him very busy whether it’s once a month or every two to three weeks,” Arum said. “He’s been off for awhile but our matchmakers feel like he can compete at the top level of boxing at cruiserweight, so we’re going to keep him as busy as his schedule permits. Obviously, once they have to go back to training camp, we will be back on hiatus again. But as long as he’s available, he will be kept very, very busy.”

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No it doesn't. The owners opted out of it. There is currently no CBA.

Yes there is. :laugh: They opted out of it early, not immediately. Everything was accelerated when they did (i.e. there's no salary cap in the last year of an agreement, in order to bring about talks for a new agreement). What exactly do you think was extended seven days the other day?

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Zbikowski challenges Ochocinco to a four-round boxing match


Earlier today, Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski told Dan Patrick that the non-teammate Zbikowski would most like to face in the ring plays in Cincinnati, and goes by the name “Ochocinco” — and that Zbikowski would knock Ocho out in 45 seconds.


Said Ochocinco, in a Twitter message: “you wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you’ve no hand speed to even be competitive.”


Zbikowski didn’t hesitate, posting the following challenge on his Facebook page: “Dear Ocho Cinco . . . thanks for following my career . . . You and me at M&T Bank Stadium, charity four-round boxing match. You wear Orange and Black and I will wear Purple and black. If we do it in May, that should give you enough time to get ready . . . You game?”


We’re game. Hell, we’d even break out the ’68 VW bus and drive over there for it.

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Zibby would crush Chad. He's an athlete as displayed by his soccer ability etc, and I'm sure he could prepare and get ready for a fight, however this is Zibby's part time gig. You don't mess with fighters in their element, they know what they're doing. It's like that boxer that tried to go UFC, he was crushed.

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Tom Zbikowski lines up another fight


Fresh off a first-round knockout win on Saturday night, Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is wasting no time in getting back into the boxing ring.


Zbikowski revealed on Facebook that he will take just two weeks off between fights and step into the ring again on March 26.


Just as he did on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Zbikowski is fighting on the undercard of a major event. This time he’ll be at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, on the undercard of an event that features Yuriorkis Gamboa defending his WBA and IBF featherweight belts against Jorge Solis. The main event is on HBO, but Zbikowski’s fight will probably not be televised.


Zbikowski has indicated that he’ll keep boxing regularly as long as the lockout lasts. As a restricted free agent who hasn’t signed his tender, he’s free to keep boxing as long as he wants even if the lockout is resolved sooner than expected.

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