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Gus to prove he's a Legit #1 RB

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14 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

Agreed.  I was never for the JK pick.  I would have allowed Gus be the main guy.

I understand the pick and even the usage of the runningbacks, prolonging their careers, fresher legs later in the season/games.

Still, when one is dominating a defense, leave him in there, one issue I have with the coaching staff....

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I like Gus as the Bus.   He may not be the HR threat but he is a HAMMER.  Now that JK is out, unsure who we use out of the backfield.

Perhaps TySon gives Gus a blow or break at times, while Hill and McCrary are the runners/pass receivers. 

Either way, I like the mix going forward.  No need for a FA unless someone goes down. 

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Image result for Gus Edwards NFL    :bow:


Edwards possibly could surpass all expectations because of Baltimore's schedule. The Ravens play 12 games against run defenses that ranked in the bottom half of the NFL. "I’m ready for it,” Edwards said..What fantasy owners can expect from Ravens' Gus Edwards - Baltimore Ravens- ESPN


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