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Japan's National Disaster


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But CNN had a photo-timeline of the world's deadliest disasters the other day... Haiti and the Tsunami cracked the top 10, but they were still low, I think. Chinese, Asian and South American floods and mudslides in past decades have killed hundreds of thousands... we just never hear about them.



I saw that....they have killed hundreds of thousands. This is a drop in the bucket compared to those (human loss of life).

I also agree with your points on a, b, and c. We're plugged in instantly to anywhere in the world.


This is more of a "natural" event...Japan sits right on the Ring of Fire. It would have happened Global Warming or not. It gets hard for me to differentiate between natural events and things that are accelerating from Global Warming, over population and the mindless rape of the planet's resources. The trend is not positive.

Those dues are comming due in our lifetime. How severe the cost depends upon how quickly and well we, the Human Race respond.

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I'm in total agreement with that, but your last sentence says it all... or rather, is the catch...


The leaders have not been on the up-and-up, they've been corrupt if not legitimate dictators at various times. The statement "they should have been schooled" is worthless. If "they" is the government, you're talking about corrupt folks who could care less - they are schooled, they are simply not acting. If "they" is the people, you're talking about people who don't know that and wouldn't care anyway because they are simply trying to survive under a system that offers no help.


The real answer is WE should have started finding ways to help them preserve and replenish these resources long ago. Certainly "they" should have done something, but... see above. Expecting a greedy, self-interested government to act in a way you see as "right" is... silly.



I agree, WE should be schooling the "Officials" in third world countrys..I honestly dont know who schooled me, but I truly understand that living down hill, that you leave the trees and vegetation alone, its your protector. Just the rains last thursday would have put at least a foot of water in my basement. I couldnt imagine living at the base of a 2500 ft mountain and a tropical storm hit. And there was nothing at the top of the mountain, to divert, slow down the waters flow.

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We need to worry about the loss of human life. And not the capitalism of money. As that could be repaired. But the loss of human life can't be repaired at all. Thoughts and prayers are still with those that are suffering through this.

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