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So glad I didnt draft Rodgers

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3 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

So stupid.

The league and team were stupid, he was never wearing a mask on the sidelines, in press conferences, at the practice facility. Even after he was turned down for the "new way of vaccination".

Maybe he thought the shot was a mind control agent as in his girlfriend's crappy movie....

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What a freaking tool he is! Alegeric to something in the shot? I want proof...

Too "affraid" of being embarrassed for not getting the vaccine as to why he won't wear a mask in public?

Would have given full disclosure if a follow-up question had been asked when he stated that he was "immunized"?!

Quoting Martin Luther King and emancipation when speaking about SAFETY PROTOCOLS!

Give me a break. Dude should stick with Jeopardy, oh wait, he sucked at it and they didn't want him back...

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