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Oh well

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Unbelievable change in point spread on this game tonight all week long Cleveland was favored by 3, last night when it was announced Cleveland was eliminated, the spread has swung to Pitt being favored..at 10:30 it was Pitt -1..at 1:45 it's up to Pitt -2 1/2.

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"I saw the same quarterback but with better play when Case Keenum came in and spelled Baker about seven weeks ago. Saw the same thing, and for much cheaper,” Edwards explained. “If I'm them, I'd move on from him. And if I'm Baker and his agent, I'd look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself who you are, which is tough to do.”

Edwards was a first-found pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by Cleveland Browns. Edwards himself knows a thing or two about not living up to draft stock. That did not stop him from giving his input on Mayfield.

“He loses them a lot of games, that's not what good-to-great quarterbacks do. They don't lose their teams a lot of games, he does,” Edwards said.

Edwards essentially said that Mayfield is at fault for some of the losses, that he loses the Browns a lot of games due to his play.

“Mayfield is short, slow, and hasn't looked himself in the mirror. Mayfield is an individual who needs everything to be perfect to have success,” said Edwards. "There's nothing wrong with that when you understand that's what you are. He's not a guy who's going to win you games. Baker is going to win you games when everything is right. So, I think they need to move on.”.............Former Browns WR Braylon Edwards Weighs in on Baker Mayfield (msn.com)

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