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No criminal charges for Watson

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I guess Sherlock couldn't find any "real" evidence. No shocking in he said she said cases, especially when the complaints are "massage workers".

Now, what does/can the league do?

Will he ever play again? Does Miami, Indi, Pitt, make a trade for him?

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The league still can especially if he settles the suits.. Shoot, look at Trevor Buer, he, not that I agree with that life style, simply has consensual s& m, the girl was just in over head wanting to have sex with a pro ball player. 

Now he has been out of baseball for almost a year, with his suspension extended another week to 10 days.

It is all optics now a days.

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Yes, we are still waiting for the NFL to make a decision, it would be unbelievable except this is the NFL after all. The NFLPA has decided to pipe up, chime in. I can understand their point, at first read I even sort of kind of agrees with them, especially on the Kraft point, very similar circumstances.

However, while Kraft likely used women who were forced into this line of work, and likely paid much more money, these are very different  at the very heart.

Kraft was guilty of breaking the personal conduct policy.

So too is Watson. But it ends there. Sure, no criminal charges, but 29 women, at least a few of them are telling the truth, state that he forced them into having sex with him or at the very least, exposed him self, unwantingly for the women.

Yes, just as there are degrees of "crime", there are degrees for the personal conduct policy with Kraft, Snyder, Jones at one end, Watson at the other end.


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