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Suggs & Ozzie admit the bitter truth

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It's hard to hear but it's true in this Don Banks article...


This is all or nothing this year,'' said Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs after a Tuesday afternoon practice. "When this journey first started, a lot of us were young men. I'm still a young man. I'm only 28. But I'm in my ninth year, so I feel like a window of opportunity is closing. There have been plenty of years that we let championship teams walk up outta here because of that team to the northwest of us. They've been the reason for that. So if we don't get over this hump this year, I don't know what else to say.''

"It's the way we're losing to them. If we lose and flat out get beat, we get beat. But to give up plays and have them come back on us, it just stings even more. Our season was decided on a couple plays last year. They made the plays and we've hurt ourselves.''


"There was something about that 21-7 lead that I wasn't comfortable with,'' Newsome said. "There was something about it. There are times when you get a lead and you think you're one play away from it being a blowout. But I just didn't feel that way that day, because I know how they play and how they feed off one big play.


"We made mistakes and we don't normally do that. But they cause a lot of that to happen. We gave them some things, but they were forcing us to do some of those things. That's how good they are. They have a resolve about themselves, and if you're not willing to play them for four quarters, then you can lose the game. You can't play for just one half.''


Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/don_banks/08/10/ravens.steelers.obstacle/index.html#ixzz1Ua96pcrf


Thank you Don! Great article even though it hurts.


The Ravens will have 2 chances this year to be the team who finds a way to win...but that 3rd chance is the one that really matters.


Read the last quote from Suggs in this article and tell me if that doesn't have you ready and totally pumped for opening day.


Two time, 'King Ugly' award winner...


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Really, really good article. I remember watching the playoff game at my sister in law's house in Pittsburgh. When we were up 21-7, she was congratulating me on the win and I wouldn't accept it. I knew the Steelers would come back because they always do. It's been pretty sad, but it's good to see the Ravens acknowledging the problem. Suggs has been the most vocal about the losses, and he's also been one of our best players in the rivalry.

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