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So, Brown or Huntley next week?

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The Bengals played a simple defense today, zone mostly, especially in the first half, man later.

They rarely blitzed until the game got "close", even then, the line had trouble holding up to 4 rushers. Brown had trouble KNOWING, who to throw to based on the coverage.

In the 2nd half, the Bengals left the middle wide open, going with a single high safety or split safeties, leaning more on covering the underneath routes. It is why Sammy was able to take advantage of single coverage down the sidelines with those stop/back shoulder throws we have been waiting for, for years.

Because of the coversge, a look to either side left the tightend wide open down/over the middle, Brown never saw it. He should have, if he knew the routes and saw the single high safety; big plays.

With all of that said, next week I expect more complicated coverage, & blitzes.

Huntely can't throw deep because of his shoulder, and perhaps that is why he never took advantage down the sidelines like Brown had. For that matter, Lamar has only tried that throw a few times over the years, only hit 1 or two. Usually his pass sails out of bounds.

Speaking of Lamar, yes, I said Huntely or Brown, I don't expect Lamar to play, I would be pleasantly surprised if he did, but what can we expect after 6,7 weeks off?

Maybe this game taught Brown something, his arm is stronger, he had a lot of drops, 2 picks, one his fault, the other not. His fumble, while a stupid decision to have him throw down there, was his fault, 7 big points before half. You have to get rid of the ball quickly down there, a holding call in the endzone is a safety, linemen can only hold up for so long, feel the pressure.

Me, I would go with Brown, he has the better arm and is willing to stretch the field.

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I'm uncommitted until we get practice and health reports this week.

I like your thoughts on Huntley vs Brown stretching the field and the necessity to do that. Brown wins that choice. 

It is very hard to visualize Lamar being ready for next week. And logical to assume he won't be playing. He shouldn't risk his health and I don't think the Ravens will force that. 

If we see Lamar, it's because they were hiding him on the inside practice field, and he was throwing. If so, then he'll be ready, and I say go with him.

If this week is the 1st week of practice for Lamar, then they have to see how effective he is and how much rust remains. He must be mobile to play. If not, then sit him.

I've seen enough of Brown and Huntley to know the Ravens will lose if they start. They have no shot.

Huntley's season stats: 658 yards 2 TD's. 3 INT's, 42.3 rating

Brown: 22 for 44, 286 yards, 0 TD's 2 INT's and 1 fumble ..somewhere around a 56 rating.

One final thing to ponder for a Ravens offense that can't score. They did defeat the Bengals 19-17 week 5. They scored 16 today with Brown. They held the Bengals to 3 points for the 2nd half. This is a pro for those who want to start Huntley or Brown. There's a long shot chance .. IF ... they don't turn the ball over and get penalties ... and ... the D continues to play lights out. 

Long shot. But I can see it.



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Well...I'd rather see Brown than Huntley and Lamar over either but I think we may have seen Lamar play his last game as a Raven.

It's going to be an interesting off-season.

But I gotta admit, it'd be something to remember if Brown could lead the Ravens to a victory.

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3 hours ago, oldno82 said:

Well...I'd rather see Brown than Huntley and Lamar over either but I think we may have seen Lamar play his last game as a Raven.


Why do you think this is Lamar's last season as a Raven?

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And then there is the Jackson factor. He has missed the last five games with a sprained knee, but he’ll play this week. The word is already out, and Jackson will probably be out parading around the practice field as if he is here to save the Ravens’ season. If he does, good for him.

If he doesn’t, blame it on the rust and inactivity....Mike Preston: Rest will pay off for Ravens when push comes to shove vs. Bengals | COMMENTARY – Baltimore Sun


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What rest? All of the defense played, played hard, worked their butts off, they will be tired from pushing to get to Burrow, then chasing him.

The only players who rested was a guard and JK, Gus got a buttcusion, Lamar if he plays will be rusty. So Mike, have another donut and take a break from writing drivel, the rest will do you good buddy.

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Yep, Lamar (if he even shows up) need to play his butt off and D needs to wrap up Burrow and make him pay.  Of if Brown plays again maybe he learned something from

yesterday's "scrimmage".   I personally think the Bengals stunk yesterday and expect a much better game from them Sunday night.  

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Here's the snap count.



Zrebiec on Twitter
“Ravens snap counts in yesterday’s loss to Bengals: David Ojabo plays 20 snaps and Charlie Kolar plays 34 in busy day for Ravens rookie class; lighter workloads for Campbell, Houston; Edwards plays five snaps before leaving with a head injury.”

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