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Lee Evans

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Has anyone heard anything about his foot, toe ankle injury??



Only this...

For Evans, this is the fourth consecutive session that he has missed. The wide receiver has not participated since the Ravens’ 34-31 win against the Washington Redskins on Aug. 25, and he wore a protective boot on his left foot on Saturday.


This is really bad.


It's between him and Joe as far as the key to getting this offense going.


With Evans, teams have to defend the whole field. They can't stack the box or they will get burned by Evans and Bouldin.

So...the running game will suffer, Bouldin will be double teamed and teams will say "beat us with Doss and Smith". Reeds out for 1 game.


Teams can bring the heat...so Cam has to keep at least 1 TE in to max protect. That's one less receiving option for Joe.


This is pretty bad. I hope the Ravens keep LaQuan Williams. Maybe between him, Smith and Doss somebody surprisingly becomes a playmaker...out of necessity.




furst.jpg"Of course there's the purple kool aid perspective. The injury and boot are a fake to throw the Steelers off."

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