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Andrews - Next guy(s) up ?


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Yeah, Likley is the obvious, but as papa said, Lamar rarely throws to him any more, and yes he has been wide open numerous times, since his big drop earlier in the season, "spoiling" a potential comeback.

They drafted Kolar high, too high, (remember Andrews was nof their first choice either), so maybe they can start using him more.

Im a little more concerned with Obj being injured, he drew anlot of coverage, created penalties, and appears to be, pre injury, back to his youthful self.

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The fact is that there is no guy who's going to be as good as Andrews on the team. I would prefer to see Likely get more targets as I think he has a higher upside, but neither he nor Kolar are going to be able to replace Andrew's production. It's a real blow to our hopes for getting to the post season and going deep there unless OBJ's injury is resolved before by the next game or two. Andrews drew a lot of double coverage too.

We have a lot of tough games coming up against division leaders and I don't feel so confident about them after 89's injury.

I was pleased though to see Lamar go to his WRs so easily after Mark went down.


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From Espn not that Harbs has been right about injuries... he thinks Andrews could be back

"My understanding is in talking with our trainer and the doctors is that it wasn't as bad as initially feared right after the game," Harbaugh said. "It's a little cleaner than they thought based on the MRI."  Harbaugh said Andrews is currently with Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the team will know more when he returns later in the week

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