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No time to rest on your laurels, just win baby!


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Yes, quite the impressive win on a Christmas Monday night game, complete domination. The only thing missing was the running game, but then the defense made sure to give the offense plenty of short fields...

Onto Miami, or should I say home awaiting the Phish.

They come in having won 2 in a row, leading the league in points scored, 463, with a points differential of +149, quite impressive.

The Ravens counter with having won 5 in row, leading the league in points given up with a measley 244 scored against, a plus 173 points differential, now that is what I call impressive. It is good for 2nd in the league behind only those Niners still lickimg their wounds, by 4 points, but I digress.

Tua is one of the most accurate passers, just as Purdy was. And like Purdy, he doesn't tend to hold the ball very long. Key to beating him, just like Purdy, pressure the pocket, take away his first read, he will become agitated and throw erratically.

But at his disposal is one of the, if not the best wide receiver core in the league, perhaps all time to be honest. Speed to burn, quickness that won't quit. The only way to stop them is to not let them get started.

Tua takes some of the deepest drops league wide. 3, 5, 7 step drops are most common, but he routinely takes 10-12 step drops to buy time, to avoid pressure. You see, injuries, head injuries have plagued him, so he doesn't like to get hit. But, when he does get banged around he speeds up his throw which makes the passes less accurate.

Yes, 2 weeks in a row the Ravens face a top 2 offense, the Phins being #1.

Their defense is not too shabby either, 5th against the run, 10th against the pass.

But mountains were made to be climbed, and the Ravens have faced bigger mountains than the Phins. They know what is at stake, the #1 seed, they have been here before. A win, they lock it and the North up, one more carabiner with which to secure the rope line to the top of the mountain.

Fun fact: since the merger in 1970, no defense has led the league in sacks, turnovers & points in the same season. The Ravens are on pace to do such a feat...

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The last time I saw the Dolphins play, either a week or two ago, their offense was one the fastest I've ever seen. And Tyreek wasn't even on the field. They looked like 11 guys on roller skates against a bunch of turtles.

MacDonald will have his hands full scheming this week but after last night I feel we can beat anybody.

You're right though: Don't let up! Time to keep the pedal to the medal and "just win baby".

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Miami, 4-3 on the road, 1-3 against teams with winning records.

Ravens, 5-2 at home, 6-1 against teams with winning records.

Top offense against a top defense.

Top 5 offense against a Top 5 defense.

Something has to give.

Time to take back home field advantage, make Baltimore  a place teams dread to play.

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The Ravens lead the series 10-8, the last four have been very interesting. We all remember the big lead the Ravens had, 28-7 at half time back in September of 22, only to collapse, in what would be a pattern for this team with 2nd half collapses last year, and lose 42-38.

2021 saw the Phish win 22-10 in Miami, in 2019 the Ravens put a whoop'n on them, 59-10, and then took out behind the woodshed and whooped them with the wood shed, 40-0 in 2017.

This one should be intriguing

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They also have to win to stay ahead of the 'December' Joe led Browns who are hot right now.

The Ravens better come out smokin' this Sunday. Otherwise the Tua led Dolphins could easily upset them.

Win and the guys that are hurting get 3 weeks of much needed rest.

The time to win a Super Bowl is NOW because with all the players eligible for free agency after this year our window is closing.

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I always record the game and start watching it from DVR about 30 min into it so I can skip the commercials.

It's bad that Hamilton can't play...we needed him for the secondary and for stopping their rushing.

I expect Miami to be able to hit a couple of deep passes.

This game could be a high scoring affair.


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