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Can Ravens stop Bradford?


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This is one of 3 keys to the game.


The Ravens will halt the Rams running game and force Bradford to beat them with his arm.

They face another "Hasselbeck" situation only Bradford is younger and less experienced. With the thinning situation at corner and the pass rush issues it could be another long day for the Ravens.


Key 2. The defense has to get off the field on 3rd down. The pass kills them.


Key 3. The offense has to make 3rd downs. The offense stalled last week and the Rams D really disguises coverages and blitzes well. Joe has to find and complete passes to his new targets to keep the D honest.


"Guys like me have to make an impact"




Total Offense – 307.5 (25)

Rush Offense – 107.5 (12t)

Pass Offense – 199.5 (25t)

Point Per Game – 24.0 (15)


Total Defense – 372.0 (22)

Rush Defense – 70.0 (4)

Pass Defense – 302.0 (28)

Point Per Game – 16.5 (5)



Total Offense – 351.0 (18)

Rush Offense – 106.5 (14)

Pass Offense – 244.5 (14t)

Point Per Game – 14.5 (28)


Total Defense – 351.5 (20)

Rush Defense – 177.5 (32)

Pass Defense – 174.0 (4t)

Points Per Game – 29.5 (28)

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16/32 for 166 yards for 5.2 ypp with 1 TD and 1 INT and a 62.8 QB rating...and Bradfords a good QB despite these stats.


"Where's my team? Where's the fans? Did somebody fart!?!"


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VMax... what pass rush issue?


The Ravens had no pressure on Hasselbeck the week before plus he got the ball out fast. Bradford runs a hurry up.

Obviously it was no issue against the Lambs.

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