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553 yards New Ravens Record


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I mean...it wasn't a bad day! :gorave:


Torry Smith didn't just break out, He exploded.

1st NFL catch a TD.


3rd... :cop:




Bouldin had an outstanding game...7 for 74.

Rice caught 5 for 83! Then he had 8 carries for 79 yards.

Quietly, Dickson caught 5 for 51.


21 point 1st quarter new Ravens record too.

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I feel like not only do we match up well vs the Jets, I feel like we outmatch the Jets. This team is built to beat teams like the Jets. I've been wrong before lol, but I really think our D is a bit much for the Jets and our offense is much better than the last time we faced them.


The one thing you have to give the Jets though, they never quit and if you sleep on Sanchez he'll beat you deep. He has one of the prettiest deep balls in the league. When he gets the chance to throw it he just drops it right in.

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Unreal, I cant help but laugh at these pundits on the radio, they fine fault with the game plan because Ray Rice only rushed the ball 9 times..


Funny how fans and talk show hosts were stretching to find something wrong.


OMG! Some guy...Glen Unis???? He sounds like he drinks Red Bull and fires speed before he gets on the air...then he talks so fast it gives you a headache....and he won't stop! His sentences are 5 minutes long....by minute #2 I'm in complete anxiety.

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OK...it's early, but the Ravens offense is now ranked #12 in yards per game but more importantly, they are #8 in points scored.




And the Jets are ranked next to last against the run. The first team with a good running back shredded em!


We need to lay some yards on this team! My bro n law will be pissed but he'll get over it! lol lol lol

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