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Fearless Ravens' defense wreaks havoc


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BALTIMORE -- The scariest part about the Baltimore Ravens' defense is that it doesn't fear anything.


The Ravens aren't afraid of blitzing on every play. They're not afraid of sending a safety or a nickelback after the quarterback. They're not afraid of leaving a cornerback one-on-one with a receiver.


After a couple of years of playing it safe, the Baltimore defense showed a national television audience and its former boss that the Ravens haven't just dusted off their old, aggressive game plan. They've expanded it.


Three defensive touchdowns in the Ravens' 34-17 victory over the New York Jets at M&T Bank Stadium came as the result of relentless pressure. Past Baltimore defenses prided themselves on leading the NFL in fewest yards given up or setting the record for fewest points allowed.


This Baltimore defense wants turnovers, and wants to turn them into touchdowns. The Ravens' defense outscored the Jets' offense 21-3. Actually, Baltimore's defense outscored its own offense.


So, how great can this defense become?



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Amazing what happens when you get a DC in there with some balls.


Mattison just didn't understand this defense. They thrive off hitting the QB, even if they get beat deep. Mattison tried to turn them into some technical react to what the offense does type defense. That's not our style, never has been. Pagano just gets it.

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