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As varav takes the long drive home to Virginia Beach after a Ravens win!... :gorave:


The Ravens took care of business.....10-3...and they almost set a franchise record for fewest yards allowed until they put the 2nd team D in.

They held the Colts to 53 yards by the end of the 3rd quarter. That's dominace.

TOP: 36 to 23.


Loved the Lee Evens sideline catch.

Pissed that this is the 2nd time in the last few games that Ray Rice has had his head almost ripped off by a facemask foul only to not have an official call it.

Suggs was a man on fire again as he gets 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles...The Ravens have 44 sacks on the year and that's a new Ravens record I think...they only had 26 last year.



If they recover some of those fumbles it's a 40 point game.


It seemed like Cam had Ray running right all game. Why not behind Grubbs and McKinnie?

Bad INT for Joe...cost the team points...can't have that in the playoffs....Joe had an OK game.


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On Joe's INT, i've only seen it a couple of times, but to me Boldin's gotta break that up if he can't catch it. Seems like that's the kind of pass you put up and let your Wideout make a play on.


Chargers are peaking, they will be fired up for this sunday nighter. We are going to be in for a fight.

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Great catching up yesterday and super hometown atmosphere. My son and I had a blast. Dominant performance yesterday ~ score was not indicative of teams dominance. Three reactions/observations::


1. The D was very dominant and sans the last Colts TD ~ garbage time ~ the D pitched a TD shutout.


2. The O was good, Rice had a nice game and Joe played well. Awesome reception by Lee Evans. Torrey Smith got interferred with on the long pass; still he needs to make that catch. Boldin bailed out on Joe on that pass in the endzone. We were right there and Q made little attempt to catch or at least break it up. At the very least, we geta Cundiff FG (or attempt) out of it. Like Cleveland game, wer left about 10-14 points on the field. Should have won at least 31 or 34 - 3. Not a big deal but we cannot afford to get in the habit of leaving points on the field.


3. ST- Cundiff is hurt and his kickoffs were very short. Webb had a couple nice returns. We've got to be careful as Webb is our best player in the secondary and we cant afford to lose him if he gets dinged on a punt return. Justy sayin.



Looking ahead,


1. San Diego is an extremely dangerous opponent next Sunday. Of all teams they have faced, Green Bay was given its biggest test by San Diego. Aside from the Giants,no one has put up bigger numbers against GB than SD. Rivers and his WR corps and TE Gates are playing "sick" right now and we will be extremly challenged next Sunday night. Joe will have to match or even exceed Rivers' performance to be competitive in this game.


2. John needs to tell Jim Harbaugh all the inside "Steeler" scoop so San Francicsco can knock off Pittsburgh. We need the Stealers to lose that game- its the only 1 they potentially will lose. Tebow and the Broncos need to knock off NE next Sunday.


3. Like Max,says, we need to host a playoff game. We dont want to go on the road. Got to somehow win out.



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